Sunday February 26 Rajghat 3 pm Prayer meeting
Sunday February 26 Rajghat  4.30 pm – planning meet of Bush haivan, Kiska mehmaan Campaign

Dear friend

The campaign against Bush visit is going on well with all playing their respective roles. Street corner meetings, meetings in universities, small groups of activists working in colleges, signature campaign on a big banner in Rajghat, jantar mantar, Delhi university, Jamia Millia, stickers and posters being pasted all over — these things are just a few of the activities. One thing was noticeable that hardly anyone anywhere on the streets had anything positive to say about George Bush and most were deeply concerned, angry at the attitude of the GOI to US. 

Sunday February 26, at 3 PM: An all-religion prayer meeting was held at Rajghat to protest against Bush’s state visit to Rajghat when he is in India. ( Attached is the note announcing the prayer-meet which has been initiated by people of different faiths in the movement who are committed to non-violence and peace). According to credible information, Rajghat will be out of bounds for Indian public from February 27 onwards, as it will be handed over to US security agencies! If this is true, the shamelessness of our government knows no bounds!

Sunday February 26, after the prayer meeting, at 4.30 pm, the a planning meeting was held at Rajghat. This meeting summed up what we have achieved and not achieved so far, and discussed preparations for the next week of action, including the mass rallies that are slated all over the country, and particularly Delhi, during Bushes visit on March 1, 2 and 3.

Sincerely yours,

Prakash Rao.

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