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Women’s Power Page

Long have the women been pacified by policy changes, by reservation, by laws. But the situation and exploitation of women remains. Women have been fighting for their rights against feudal/caste/communal oppression, exploitation, state organized violence, state terror (e.g. AFSPA), domestic violence, rape, incest, sex trade, social harassment and violence.

The struggle of women is the struggle for Lok Raj!

In the present dispensation, both men and women are exploited and therefore it is important that men and women come together and fight for their rights. The women’s movement is not something exclusive, it is the struggle of our mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, and friends.

This Power Page for women is a way of bringing to you stories, articles, events and much more on the issues faced by women and the women’s movement as a whole.

Capitalism cannot and will not liberate women! – Statement of the Communist Ghadar Party of India



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