img_5300.jpgLakhs of people across India poured onto the streets demanding immediate passing of the Jan Lok Pal bill, without delay. Cutting across ideologies and parties, regions and religions, caste and communities, students, workers, peasants, women and children came out in large number in cities, towns and villages across the country, and gathered at prominent locations. Apart from demanding the passing of Jan Lok Pal Bill to check corruption they expressed anger against rising cost of living, education and health care, and inability to influence their representatives in legislative bodies.

In Delhi people gathered at Ramlila Maidan and India Gate holding banners and waving flags. Peasants from Haryana and Rajasthan, youth and students from Uttarakhand, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh, such score of people travelled thousands of kilometers to reach the epicenter of the agitation at Ramlilal Maidan. Sports persons and artists joined the gatherting expressing their support for the Jan Lok Pal bill.

All through the day number of speakers from various organizations addressed the gathering at Ramlila Maidan including S Raghavan, President of LRS and Prakash Rao, Convenor of LRS.

















Activists and supporters of Lok Raj Sangathan, workers, women, and youth, spread into the gathering, distributing leaflets upholding people’s right to initiate legislation, supporting the passing of Lok Pal Bill, and interviewing people and holding discussion with people on various issues ranging from corruption, to political process, economy, right to food and PDS. Venting their anger people freely exchanged the views with the activists on issues ranging from people’s right to select candidates for election, putting end to the domination of political parties on the political system, referendum, and right to recall.

Adding fuel to the fire was the absence of UPA Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi from the scene, and people demanded why they were absconding, when people are coming on to the streets and expressing anger against their government, and demanding action actions against the guilty.

The people have vowed to continue the agitation until the bill is passed.


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