Let us Unite and Demand a Renewal of the Political Process!

It is the duty of those responsible for governing the country to provide suraksha and sukh –security and prosperity to the people, our biggest concern today. All the rulers and their political parties have completely failed in carrying out this fundamental duty to people. It is time to reflect on the basic issues affecting us.

  • We are unable to influence public policy decisions that affect our livelihood and security.
  • We are fed up of being vote banks to legitimise the rule of a selfish minority where our role has been reduced to just voting once in five years to decide which party will rule over us.
  • We are fed up with parties that commit crimes to gather votes.
  • We do not want a political system where our representatives are accountable only to their parties, and hence they do not represent those who voted for them.
  • We do not want a political system where our right to select candidates has been usurped by the political parties.
  • We do not want a political system which allows the parties to act in the service of the most powerful economic interests that stand behind them and finance them.
  • We can not forget that in the run up to the Mumbai terror attacks, we were subjected to economic terrorism when (a) prices of necessities, specially those of food, rose to the unprecedented levels, (b) lakhs of jobs were lost and job insecurity soared, (c) thousands of farmers were forced to commit suicide, (d) land grabbing for SEZ, etc. was rampant.

What we want is for people to have a decisive say in setting the course for society. The current crisis is an opportunity to make a breakthrough and initiate a new course, a new direction towards a new political process that will vest power in the hands of people. There is need for a new political process wherein political parties do not usurp the power to govern, but instead work under the control of people and remain accountable to them.
Let us establish People’s Constituency Committees in each workplace and residential area!
Let us mandate the People’s Constituency Committees with the responsibility:

  • To organise selection of people’s candidate (s) for election,
  • To make the elected representative consult the constituency on all policy and other  matters affecting their lives,
  • To ask the elected representative to regularly report the work done for the people,
  • To recall elected representatives when necessary,
  • To make the police, bureaucracy and judiciary accountable to people,
  • To initiate proposals for new laws and for revision of existing ones.

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