WMOs – Weapons of Mass Organisation!

This article is in DRAFT.

We don’t just talk about the news, issues and events around India, we empower you to do something about them!

Feel free to talk about any tools that would help you or other to be more active and effective in your area. You can make comments below.

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Coming Soon! – Under Review and/or Contrsuction:

  1. Vision for India –
  2. Why we must fight!  –  Some thoughts from the President. Feel free to express why you think it is important to fight for the renewal of Indian society.
  3. Consensus – Collective discussion centers. Womens corner, students corner etc. Comments on issues.
    •  – Discussion Centres: for women, students, working people, etc.
    •  – Comments: Please actively use the comments section at the bottom of key articles to discuss issues.
    •  – Conferencing tools: easy access to online web tools for speaking to others via your computer.
    •  – Chat: to be enabled soon.
  4. Direction (LRS) – Program for Renewal of India. Developed
  5. Strategy (LRS) – the "how?"… A PowerPoint Presentation on Direct Democracy
  6. Fundraising – to fight we need funds…collections, membership dues, payment methods, legal issues.
  7. Petitions – How to get a campaign message to companies, parliament, ministers and the PM.
  8. Demonstrations – How to take it to the streets without getting arrested. Knowing our rights and lessons learned from past demos.
  9. Boycotts – Hit corporates where it hurts, in their pockets.
  10. Letters – Attempting to change ‘hearts and minds’ with pen and paper and what not to say if you want to stay out of Jail. The addresses… names and people that need be contacted.
  11. Lobbying Parliament – oppose Companies having it their own way, how to get talking to the MP.
  12. The Unions – The Return of Workers Power. The right way to strike.
  13. Finding out for ourselves – How to get the truths that our opponents are determined to bury.
  14. Making it public – Using the media, from local newspapers to YouTube and national TV. How not to be sued for Libel etc.
  15. Going into Politics (LRS view) – Peoples power, standing for council, run for parliament, etc
  16. Legal Action – If all else fails, what is the legal recourse?
  17. Non-violence and disobedience – attempting Gandhian route…
  18. Direct Action – Chaining yourself to railings at parliament, gates of a company, …generally how to make a splash without getting arrested.

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