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Giving you, the people, a direct facility to "share your news", and not merely be "told the news"…




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This facility is provided to enable people from across India to submit photos/videos they have created, concerning their activities, protests, struggles, issues or community action which can be quickly published on the LRS website to provide an easy, quick and central location to share and distribute visual media with capabilities for discussion and interaction with similar like minded people from the public.

Instantly publish photos by e-mailing them, or upload videos. We are improving this service to enable LRS registered users to upload their media direct from the field at the front lines, using their cameras, videos and mobile phones, making it quick, easy and simple to share the photos/videos of activities, protests or other community events happening right now in their region.

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What is People’s Journalism?

Our ‘People’s Journalism’ feature is where we better empower you to broadcast to the public your photos and video, concerning the activities, protests, struggles, community action that you are taking in the advancement of democratic progress for the people of India, and around the world where relevant. 

As well known, the supposedly "free media" is controlled and often censored to best serve a particulr editorial group or often economic interest given their private ownership. As commonly known, many community events, protests, and news impacting people is often not reported by the press. Often with heavy censorship, blackout, or mis-reporting.

We aim to address that shortfall in the mainstream news media, with the help of many journalists, community leaders and activists, students and more. All contributing news on the issues that affect them. To bring you the real news from the front line, at the grass-roots, …uncensored.

We want democratic people’s media broadcasts (TV, Radio, Paper, Magazine Internet etc), accessible to everyone, especially working people. So here is our attempt towards that

We appreciate your patience and dedication in working with us as we improve this people’s news service together.