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We encourage respectful, open, honest and relevant comments to all articles and ideas presented on this web site.

We never censor comments based on political or ideological point of view. We only delete those comments that are abusive, off-topic, use foul language, or spam related. We pre-moderate comments written by unregistered anonymous users and and post-moderate comments by registered users.

As a guide we present the following comments policy:

  1. We love comments – Open, honest and respectful. They are as important as anything we write ourselves. They add to the knowledge and community that we have here. If you want to comment then you’re more than welcome – whether you feel you are a beginner or an expert – feel free to have you say.
  2. Be respectful – nearly all people are, and we understand some topics incite a lot of passion. However no abusive or foul language, racial (or caste based) or disruptive comments which seeks to break the unity of people, or denigrate others. Focus on issues; no personal attacks.
  3. We delete spam – We have spam filters in place which automatically catch the majority of automated spam comments. We don’t put up with it and if any slip through the filters we delete it immediately.
  4. We encourage relevant links in comments – if you’re leaving a comment and want to point to a link on your own or someone else’s site that is relevant to the topic then please feel free to do so. This adds to the conversation and improves understanding. Equally in return, we ask that you link to content on this site when commenting elsewhere on the internet. 
  5. Irrelevant links are not encouraged – if you leave a comment with a link in it that has no relevance to the post you’re commenting on it could be be deleted. This includes commercial links. It annoys our users (and us) in pursuit of improving our understanding, knowledge and sharing relevant ideas. So we don’t allow it and ask you to refrain. 
  6. Be you, be original – we request that each user may only register under one username for regular use of the web site and commenting.
  7. Be supportive – help build and improve on the hard work done by Authors and members. Critiques of people’s work should be constructive, and if possible, informative and supportive. If you don’t like something, say so then suggest how it could be improved.

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