Delhi Assembly Elections 2013


Lok Raj Sangathan calls on the people of Delhi to reject all those candidates who are being imposed on them by parties backed by big money power. Voting for them means to perpetuate the existing adharma. Vote only for candidates who have a proven track record of fighting for the interests of the people. Where no such candidate exists, it is better to press the last button: None of the Above (NOTA).

On September 27, 2013, a three judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM’s) used in elections must have a “none of the above” (NOTA) button at the end as an option. This is to put into practice the right of voters to actively and secretly express their rejection of all the candidates standing for election from their constituency. The Supreme Court Ruling was on a petition filed by the Peoples Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL).

To read more about NOTA click here – Supreme Court rules in favour of “None of the Above” button : Necessity to carry out thorough going electoral reforms (Source:

Lok Raj Sangathan will extend full support to all those candidates who have emerged from among the people, with a proven track record of defending their rights and fighting for their legitimate claims, and who are committed to the program of political reforms so as to empower the people.

We introduce below the first set of 5 candidates that Lok Raj Sangathan has decided to support, in the constituencies of Tughlaqabad, Sangam Vihar, Kalkaji, Badarpur and Okhla and the common program they have put forth for these elections. These candidates are also supported by other organizations. 

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Statements by Lok Raj Sangathan

Manifesto (Lok Raj Sangathan)

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  2. Hindi

About the Candidates

  1. Tuglaqabad – Birju Nayak (Hindi) 
  2. Sangam Vihar – Lokesh Kumar (Hindi) 
  3. Badarpur – O P Gupta (Hindi) 
  4. Okhla – Santosh Kumar (Hindi)
  5. Kalkaji – Dharmendar Kumar (Hindi)

Constitunecy Information

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