About LRS Online

This web site is the official website of Lok Raj Sangathan, an organisation fighting for the empowerment of the Indian people.

LRS Online is a forum for all those who are dissatisfied with the status quo to achieve convergence of their thoughts and energies so as to effect a change in the nature of political power in our country. It is a medium for seeking truth from facts – in opposition to the disinformation that is spread in the mainstream print and electronic media.

LRS Online is not a mouthpiece for any special interest group or political party. It is a non-partisan instrument for defending and affirming the rights that belong to every human being and to their collectives such as workers, peasants, women, youth, nations, nationalities and tribes.

This website will speak the truth, without fear or prejudice. It will present reality as it unfolds, fearing no power and hiding nothing.

LRS Online will not present views and news that are detrimental to the interests of empowering the people. It will not be a passive reporter of news, but an active fighter for the cause of informing the people and enabling them to become the rulers of India.

LRS Online is managed by people who have a long-standing track record of defending the rights of the people and working for the general interests of society.

LRS Online invites participation from all those involved in various movements of the people for the realisation of their rights. In order to ensure that our rights are guaranteed, we need to be politically empowered.

All those who are deprived of power today and seek their legitimate place in setting the agenda for Indian society will find a place in our website to share their views.