Raja Rajan Gandhi 

23rd January 2023

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Hi friends,

Nothing succeeds like success. Nothing fails like failure too.

Since 2014 when BJP took over governance, practically everything has failed and failed miserably.

Demonetization didn’t achieve anything it was supposed to, at least as was being projected.

GST roll out was a big flop show.

CAA, NRC, NPR had to be dumped – kept on hold.

EIA 2020 had to be withdrawn.

Agri laws dumped.

Rupee plunging in free fall.

Unemployment zooming on rocket.

Inflation up hill.

Industrial, agri devt., in reverse gear.

Religious tolerance at all time low.

Atrocities on minorities at all time high.

The balance sheet of this govt. is giving a totally negative picture. This is a lame horse for sure.

Of course the string pullers, their masters, the actual rulers, have got huge chunks of benefits, speeding away on World’s richest list. But with so many glaring failures, even they can’t rest peacefully (rest in peace?). They must be looking for the next horse – puppet – to bet on.

So, for 2024, we don’t have to do anything to dislodge this gang. But the next horse will also be the one chosen by this money bag – industrial, business tycoons – only. The next horse could be Rahul, Chandrasekar Rao or some dark horse yet to be revealed. Another sanghi is most unlikely as the looming legacy will be too hard to fight. Changing the tag – brand (party) – will make it that much easier.

But will it make any real difference? The only credible alternative is the Congress at national level. But Congress rule will be no different on many counts. ‘Do they stand any chance to form the next government?’ is a different question. They are the ones who paved the way for this wicked rule now. The authoritarian rule by Indhira, electoral fraud/ poll rigging – ink fraud of 1971 by Indhira – swinging away from their avowed socialistic leanings by Rajiv, total betrayal of the faith reposed by people in them and abdicating to capitalism, paving way for crony capitalism by PVN – MMS duo, the consequent scam galore and not to speak of the communal troubles fostered in the aftermath of Indhira’s assassination, laid to rest the constitutional guarantees of ‘socialistic, democratic, secular republic’ and paved the way for this gang to grab hold of the ruling rights.

The other smaller outfits mostly regional ones – DMK, ADMK, PMK, SP, BSP, TMC etc – though stand no chance by themselves at the national level, are a tried and failed hotchpotch group. They are again no different on most counts from the BJP. In fact many of them – DMK, ADMK for example – have aligned with this or that side alternatively.

There is no hope of getting a people friendly, truly democratically elected government, as long as we agree to vote for one among those chosen by the front line parties – all predatory, cahoots in loot and only differing in the name – and in turn by the few richest of the rich goons.

We should realize that we are slowly becoming slaves to this clutch of tycoons. We should realize the need to free ourselves from this rule by the richest and wiliest. We should restore ‘democracy’ areal one at that, and ensure people centric rule.

How can we expect those nominated by the wily party bosses – without consulting even their own party members in that constituency and not to speak of the voters in general – to represent us? They can, do and will only represent their nominators and their masters pulling strings from behind – the business tycoons.

Small party candidates and independents are self nominated. The common voters go by the dictum, ‘known devil is better than unknown angel’. Well if alone we convince them to vote for the ‘known angels’? If the voters are helped to participate in the selection of the candidates, then these candidates will not only go on to win hands down, they will also represent the will of the people truly and not the money bags. True democracy will ensue.

But how do we do it? 15 lakh voters as for Lok sabha or 1 – 3 lakhs as for the state assemblies cannot sit at one place and select a single candidate. But in rural local bodies, the wards have as few as 200 voters, residents of as few as 50 to 60 houses. They can select their candidates themselves. Extending this to the urban areas, let us form ‘Street Residents’ Welfare Committees’ for about 150 – 300 voters. Apart from taking up common issues of civic nature with the authorities, they will also elect a representative and send him to the next higher body – ‘Area Residents Welfare Committee’ – for 10 street com reps. They in turn will send their reps to the ‘Large area com’ and then the ‘State assy constituency com’ and finally the ‘Lok sabha constituency com’. These committees in up and down consultation will narrow down on people’s candidates. They will go on to win and provide true people’s government.

Subsequently the election system can be re worked by recognizing these committees and letting the candidates thus selected be the members of governing bodies directly. There will be no contests – elections – thus with the wily political candidates. Electoral expenses will crash down not only for the government, even the splurge by parties and the animosity built around the elections will come to an end, resulting in a direct impact on economy and well being of the people.

To bring this about, we do not require any change in any law/ rule – constitution or RPA or anything else. Our constitution has all the provisions for this and only for this. There is no provision for political parties. They are a travesty of the constitution.

We will not need separate laws for right to recall and referendum. They are built in, in this system.

Once this system starts taking root, even before the whole system takes over, the governing members and officials will be constrained to do only what is in the interest of the people. They will be able to do anything against the will of the people only at their own peril.

We have just about a year before finalizing candidates for the next LS elections. If we gallop from this instant, we may be reaching the goal post in time and make history.

The whole world will envy us and replicate. Humanity will start its march to words subeeksha. Nations will agree to unite in to a single world government. The need for military will vanish. All the funds for this can be diverted to education and health care.

For a ‘World beyond wars, beyond inequalities, beyond poverty and hunger, beyond pollution, global warming and environmental disasters’, this is ‘THE ONLY WAY’.

All our other efforts to project an alternate group of parties, back a small party candidate, nominate honest candidates have failed, as they ought to, while the above method offers sure success from day one and proportionate to the dedication of the activists pushing for it.

Let us not project ourselves. After all we have not entered politics to play politics ourselves. We have entered to redeem, reform, revitalize, redesign, re invent, reinforce, reform, re zero, rejuvenate re invigorate politics. And the people are likely select only among the socially active ones. If we are the ones, let us take it as a call of duty and deliver. If not, also let us continue our selfless service to the humanity.

As a well known retired IAS officer – a nonagenarian – put it, ‘this is the only plausible solution. Let us arise awake and stop not till we achieve it’.

Calling all the well wishers of humanity to gather, hold hand, take a vow to achieve this and start galloping towards to goal.

More details in the video link given below.

Satyameva Jeyathe


Raja Rajan Gandhi   

(A technologist by qualification, farmer by option and a Gandhian by conviction)

President – Gandhian Initiative for Social Transformation – Chennai

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