(Source: On Spokesman TV: In conversation with Justice Ajit Singh Bains – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiLudvSQ7W4)

Lok Raj Sangathan reports with joy that Justice Ajit Singh Bains completed 99 years and entered the hundredth year of his life this month.

Justice AS Bains is a founding member of the Lok Raj Sangathan and its Honorary Chairperson. Throughout his active life he has been an inspiration for those who stood for justice and human rights. In the eighties when the central government unleashed terror and destruction in Punjab, he stood up courageously against the authority, spoke out openly against the commissions and omissions of the state and mobilised broad public opinion against the reign of terror. Terrified by his unflinching criticism, the Indian state went to the extent of arresting and detaining him in Chandigarh jail under the notorious TADA. But faced with widespread anger and opposition from all sections of our people, the state was finally forced to release Justice Bains after dropping all charges.

Justice Bains has spearheaded the work of defending human rights throughout the country. From Manipur to Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir and all other states, people have looked up to him as a defender and good counsel of human rights.

The work of Justice Bains continues to guide and inspire the work of our organisation.

On this extremely happy occasion, Lok Raj Sangathan conveys its respect and best wishes for many more years of healthy life!


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