4 May, 2021

It is with extreme shock and anguish that the All India Council of Lok Raj Sangathan announces the passing away of Pravin Ramteke, member of the AIC of LRS early morning on May 4th.

Pravin was an extremely warm and gregarious person, deeply involved and concerned with the movement for people’s empowerment.  Every meeting or rally concluded with him singing a song of hope, a song which would make all those who had gathered raise their fists and commit themselves to the building of the new society — a society that values human rights as inviolable and which has sukh and suraksha of human beings at its core.

Pravin breathed enthusiasm every second of his life. His do-or-die spirit never failed to inspire all around him. Through his evocative poetry he expressed his deep anguish at the ills plaguing today’s society and also his profound hope for a bright future.

Pravin has been an active member and activist of Lok Raj Sangathan right from its foundation as the Committee for People’s Empowerment. He has been actively involved in building the organisation in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. He hails from a very modest family in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Having completed his M.Tech at IIT, he decided to plunge himself into the movement for empowerment and never slowed down.

He was a loving husband and a devoted father. He leaves behind his wife and comrade-in-arms,  his son and daughter to whom he was a friend, philosopher and guide, and numerous grieving relatives, friends and members of the organisation.

His passion and vigour in the work of the organisation can never be compensated. But together we resolve to take our work forward to complete the tasks for which he worked so avidly during his life time.

We convey to his family and comrades and friends our sincere condolences and stand with them in this hour of grief.

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  1. It is with the greatest shock that I came to know about this loss. It will be an irreplaceable one. There is an old saying `Whom the Gods Love, Die Young’. That is to say, when young people die, we feel a terrible loss. The best way to honour the memory of our friend is to continue his work.

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