Hundreds of peasants, adivasis and workers gathered at the Ambadi junction at Ambadi village, Bhiwandi, to support the on-going struggle of the peasants at the Delhi borders.

The rasta roko was organized by the  “Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Sangharsh Samanvay Samiti”, Prahar party, RPI socialist, All India Kisan Sabha, CITU, and Lok Raj Sangathan.

Raasta roko at Ambadi junction of Bhiwandi on 6 February 2021

The leaders in their speeches said that the Government had passed the laws, which are anti constitutional and against not only peasants but all of the toiling masses. Corporatization of farms will affect the PDS and common man will suffer.

They assured the peasants on dharna  that they would fight and support them till their demands are met. They sang many progressive songs. One of the songs was ‘Jangal saaf karto ami, Peek pikaoto ami, Ann tumhala, Gham amhala’, translated it means we clear the forests we clean them and we grow grains, but we get only the sweat and you get the grains.

The protestors came with placards demanding “Sheti Amcha hakkachi nahi konachi baapachi”“Sheti Kaide Radda Kara”, “Sheti virodhi kaide maghe gaya” . The other slogans were the land belongs to the tillers, we demand universal public distribution system, we want food security, down with the pro corporate government.

They shouted slogans against the farm laws, food security, “Modi sarkar hai, hai,” “Modi sarkar teri tanashahi nahin chalegi”, “Peasants workers unity zindabad”.

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