Call of the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) to support the kisan andolan – 


The hijacking of the tractor parade on January 26th, and efforts to malign the farmers’ struggle on the issue are known to most people by now. The role of the police and the government in the unfurling of “nishan sahib” at Lal Quila has been exposed to a large extent and slowly it will all become clear. Until 26th January, the ruling class consisting of the monopoly capitalist houses which controls the Indian state has not been successful in splitting the peasant struggle. And they were desperate. They were at times talking of setting a five member committee and also giving proposals of postponing the laws coming into effect. They used the highest court to buy time. In this period they did everything to mislead the people, including maligning the peasants by calling them “terrorists, Khalistani and Pakistan agents”. They carried out the Lal Quila episode through their agents and BJP workers and now they have registered cases against 37 people, including some peasant leaders. Charged people also include various activists fighting for people’s rights.

Now everybody knows about the actual role of all the arms of the state that is the parliament, the judiciary, police and security forces. But, people are not clear about the Constitution of India. They still have this illusion that it can give them justice. All the people have had the experience of being pushed around by all these arms of the state. We the Indians living abroad, whenever, we go to India for anything are harassed by everybody in the system, starting from patwaris, clerks, airport officials and by very high ranking officials; they insult us and behave indecently, including demanding of bribes. There should be no illusion about the parliament, because, does not matter which party is in the government, it pushes the agenda of corporate houses and which is against the interest of the people. The dispute over waters, or the question of language, question of national rights, religious or caste question, question of livelihood of workers – all these problems are being used to divide the people and to deny them their rights.

Waiting for justice in courts, people spend their entire lives, and many times even then they do not get justice. Reality shows that the duty of the police is not to defend the people but to defend the interest of capitalists – this was clearly shown in the events that unfolded in Delhi. It is said that the security forces and army are there to defend the country from foreign powers, but, these forces have been used time and again to crush the struggles of the people, and are being used today as well.

The last arm of the state, Constitution, is propagated as a very pure document, which “we, the people” adopted on January 26th 1950. Whereas, the reality is that the constituent assembly, which made this constitution consisted of those who owned wealth and were educated, meaning they were less than 10% of the population. At that time, this document was available only in English. Because of which many members could not even understand what this document is and which law is being discussed.

Most important thing about this constitution is that 75% of this taken word for word from the 1935 Government of India Act.

This Act and the state were established by the British as instruments for the loot and plunder of our labour power and our rich resources. After 1947, the same state was retained.

In the process of enacting these three black laws, the government of the corporate houses has itself violated the constitution. And the Supreme Court is keeping its eyes shut about this violation. The Kerala government and many lawyers and supporters of the kisan andolan have filed petitions saying that these laws are unconstitutional. But the SC has held no hearing on these petitions till date.

The struggle to get these three laws repealed continues, despite the mean attempts of the government of the corporate houses and the brutal assaults by the police and security forces. Peasants and workers are carrying out this struggle with unprecedented resilience and perseverance. It is also important to note is that this struggle has also shattered the illusions of people about the propaganda that changing of a government or party will solve the problem. One of the Samyukt kisan morcha leaders has put it in very clear words that “we want to bring a system where workers and peasants are the decision makers”.

 This new system will be run entirely by workers and peasants. After getting the three black laws repealed, we have to continue our struggle to take the reins of state power in our hands. Even in the event of the black laws not being repealed, we have to continue our struggle with the aim of bringing power into the hands of workers and peasants. Only then will there be a permanent solution to all the problems of the people.

Indian Workers Association (Great Britain), calls upon all the Indian people resident in Britain and other countries to support the kisan andolan with all might and main, and in full spirit. Along with this, we appeal to you to continue the struggle to fulfil the dream of Hindustan Ghadar Party, Shaheed Bhagat Singh and countless other martyrs of a free India in which there is no exploitation of persons by persons whether Indian or foreign.

Down with the wily manoeuvres of Modi Sarkar!

Down with the terror unleashed against the peasants!

Long live Worker Peasant Unity!

Inquilab Zindabad!


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