6th December, 2020

PUCL, Delhi condemns arrest of activists who were demanding punishment to culprits of Babri Masjid demolition

6TH December is one of the blackest day in the post independence history of India on which day the anti-social and unruly mobs supported by the Sangh Pariwar had demolished 500 years old Babri Masjid at Ayodhya in UP in violation of Supreme Court order. On this day large number of activists gather together in several parts India and demand punishment to hundreds of those who performed the shameful act but not yet punished though 28 years have passed. As usual this year today Lokraj Sangthan in collaboration with 16 others social organizations held a protest demonstration in the morning at Mandi House, New Delhi where around 200 protesters gathered. It was a peaceful demonstration and the police was duly informed. However the police did not allow the demonstration and within 20 minutes dispersed the gathering and arrested 25 activists who were kept in unlawful detention at the Mandir Marg police station. Prominent among them are S.Raghavan, President Lokraj Sanghthan, Prakash Rao, Birju Nayak from Lokraj Sangthan and Mohd Shafi national General Secretary SDPI. Though the demonstrators observed and maintained guide lines relating to COVID, police said that they had violated section 144. These activists were released in the evening around 6.30 PM.

The interference of the police and preventing the protesters from exercising their legitimate constitutional right in peaceful way is the most condemnable act on the part of the authorities. PUCL,Delhi calls upon the Delhi Police and Central Government to respect democratic rights of the Indian citizens and see to it that it acts within the bounds of rule of law and not under pressure of the unholy dictates of the ruling dispensation.

N.D. Pancholi (President),  Sheoeraj Singh (Gen. Secy.)

Arun Maji Amit Srivastav (Secretaries)
(M) 9811099532

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