You fight to protect your home and the hearth,

You fight to let girl child take birth!

You fight for dignity,  equality, and respect you worth,

You fight to protect our land, our vulnerable earth!


You walk miles to fetch water and firewood,

You toil day and night for shelter and food!

You work in the fields nurturing the crop,

Till tired, drained, exhausted you drop!


Walking through the streets probing glaring eyes,

Blamed for every violation and vice!

Where the perpetrators wear a deceptive guise,

All ages for eons have fallen to the dice!


You work in offices meticulously shifting through the files,

Driving through the traffic mad rush for miles!

Squeezed in cubicles till dead late night,

With end to the drudgery nowhere in sight!!!


You drive locos, run machines, operate computers and the chips!

You run creches, hospitals, school, banks, fly planes, navigate the ships!

You possess knowledge, enormous skill and wisdom,

Yet you are denied liberty, equality and freedom!


You win medals and accolades despite heavy odds,

In fields and sports, Rio, Delhi or Lords!

Your grit and determination knows no bounds,

Your spirit surpasses the insulting taunts and sounds!


O, woman come together, unite and rise,

Form collectives of struggle and organise!

You have the will, the strength and the vision,

To create a world free from

exploitation, oppression

and discrimination!!


– Vivek & Sultana

By admin