A new year wish.
Our Indian culture is like an ocean which has imbibed countless streams and rivers. Many languages, literary traditions, religions, beliefs and cultures have gone into making it. With their confrontation and assimilation, evolving with mutual respect this ocean has produced so many pearls and other gems. That is our essence and that is our strength. The whole world has time and gain marveled at our diversity and mutual respect. It’s those seers that transcended all gender, caste, religion and other barriers who have enriched our darshanas, our music, our art and our spirituality. In such a situation any attempt to sow seeds of narrow mindedness based on faith and caste etc is treachery to our own tradition.

During our struggle against British colonialism, entire India united and fought for our freedom. We overcame British machinations of “Divide and Rule”. Those who are trying to break the unity forged thus are committing treason towards all those freedom fighters and martyrs whose sacrifices brought us our freedom. Such forces are a threat to our freedom, sovereignty and democracy.

In this 21st century we are still faced with ugly problems of poverty, unemployment, ill health, great inequality and oppression. To face the challenge of eradicating them and bring prosperity to our nation, we need social harmony. At this instant to create social distress, tension, insecurity about future among different sections of our society in the name of citizenship etc is clearly anti-social and anti-people.

I wish that in our societal interest, all those measures, laws etc that are creating this turmoil and turbulence should be immediately withdrawn, the government and all political leaders should win the trust of ordinary people and establish social harmony and peace that is so essential to progress and prosperity. All those cases where the people have complained about high handedness and brutality of government institutions should be investigated.

When we are entering the New Year and a new decade of 21st century I ardently wish that may India develop further through its strong social harmony, democracy and mutual respect. May India become a strong nation!

Chennaveera Kanavi,
January 1, 2020, Dharwad

By admin