The newly elected British Prime Minister Mr. Boris Johnson, a `hard-core’ Brexiteer carried out a remarkable coup by telling the Queen to suspend Parliament for 5 weeks.  This paves the path for the hard exit of Britian from the European Union, something that had been looming for a while. Many heads have rolled over the Brexit plan.  The referendum of some years back which had been called by David Cameron to silence Brexiteers rebounded badly and led to the collapse of his Government.  The Government of Theresa May was mired in crisis from its first day to its last.  May has been succeeded by the well-known maverick and thug-like character Boris Johnson, who true to his reputation, has carried out this utterly undemocratic act to carry forward the wishes of the pro-Brexit faction
of the UK ruling circles.

In the meantime, hundreds and thousands of British persons working in the Eurozone have a highly uncertain future, with grave doubts about their retirement benefits amongst the elderly and prospects for younger persons.  On the flip-side, millions of Eurozone residents living in the British Isles are now facing uncertainty and fear
the future.

On the other hand, the Eurozone leadership have taken a very hard stand against the British plans, so as to make a horrible example of those who would dare leave the EU.  A couple of years ago, there were rumblings of some other countries threatening exit, which have been muffled and silenced for now.  Right or wrong, the people of all the constituent countries have a right to express their opinion, but the diktat of the Eurozone is otherwise.

The fundamental problems that underlie all the above phenomena have not been explained properly to the people.  In the UK as well as in many of the advanced countries of the continent, it is a small number of elites who control the entire reins of the economy.  Giant conglomerates are controlled by a few families and banking interests and rule through their mandarins, from the European Central Bank, to the European Parliament, to the Royal Exchequer and the British Parliament.  Even so, at times, even these institutions cannot fully help resolve the gigantic contradictions with the mass of the society that barely gains anything, and the vast accumulation of wealth at the other pole.

While the UK economy is still one of the largest in the world, there are statistics to prove that there is rampant poverty and hunger in the country. Thus, UK itself had become ungovernable.  Furthermore, since the UK has always had a separate Anglo-American alliance, and have been Atlantiicists there was always a tension with the Eurozone which is perceived as a Franco-Germanic empire.  This tenuous balancing act was to break sometime or other.  The fact that UK never joined the monetary union and is not a member of the Schengen treaty bears testimony to the reluctance of sections of the ruling circles to thrown in their lot completely with the continent.

Will Brexit, hard or soft, crashing out or soft-landing, solve the problems of the people of the UK?  The answer is quite simply no.  The fundamental separation of policy from the hands of the vast populace and its capture by reactionary ruling circles is the origin of this problem.  Once this event passes, there will be a new profound disequilibrium which will hold further disasters for the people of UK. Until such time the people realize that their well-being cannot be trusted to the hands of elites, it will be a permanent siege.  The present, however, offers an opportunity to take this message to the masses and to organize for a solution for the people of Britain.  In doing so, a solution can be found for the problems of the peoples of other lands and bring a new tomorrow.


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