The Man of the moment vows to fight against anti-farmer policies of the state and central governments
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Jiva Pandu Govit, popularly known as JP Gavit is all set to contest the Lok Sabha polls from Dindori Lok Sabha Constituency of Maharashtra on April 29 in the fourth phase of the elections. But as with all candidates who represent an alternate vision and politics,  his crowd funding campaign has found, so far, just 62 takers! With 12 days left he has so far raised Rs. 1,49,710 and is way short of the necessary amount.

The hopes and dreams of several thousand forest dwellers, farmers and Adivasis, who have been demanding rights over forest land and land redistribution in the tribal areas of Maharashtra are so linked to Gavit’s victory.

In a nation struck by the agrarian crisis, Gavit is one of the key leaders who ignited a ray of hope in the form of Kisan long marches in Maharashtra in 2018. Mumbaikars, cynical and detached were moved to realise that the food in their homes and kitchens required much toiling and sacrifice.

The first Kisan march was so much more than a spectacle. The long march was an outcome of two decades of struggle by the Adivasi farmers for forest land rights. Gavit, who led it provided the context in his Mumbai speech, “Two years ago, more than one lakh farmers had protested in Nashik. Our 180-km six-day march started after the government did not fulfil our promises.”

Not only did this champion of land rights organise potable water and food packets and in co​ordination with other leaders Ajit Navale, Kisan Gujar and Ashok Dhavale, he stirred the soul of the rally. He led a massive rally of more than 35,000 peasants. As the march paved its way through a sleeping Mumbai, Gavit’s words roared, “Chala utha Kumbhakarna (Wake up O Sleeping ones)” through the streets, infusing the crowds with reverberating energy.

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