A view of the protest demonstration

A view of the protest demonstration

Residents of Sanjay Colony (Okhla), forced to a desperate situation, came out in large numbers and marched from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar on 30th November demanding that piped water supply to every house is a fundamental right and it is the duty of the Delhi government and its agencies to ensure this right. The Lok Raj Samiti of Sanjay Colony took leadership in explain the issue to the people and mobilizing them to participate in the protest rally.

The Aam Admi Party which came to power in 2015 in Delhi promised to provide piped water supply to every house in its election manifesto. It promised deep going reforms in the Delhi Jal Board. It promised a time-bound action plan.

But after being in power for 4 years, the situation in the colonies remains the same. People have to wait for endless hours and run after water tanks to get the day’s water supply. The government promised free water supply upto 20,000 litres per month. But if there is no piped water supply, then how can people avail of the free water supply? So, there is a big gap between words and deeds of the present government.

Delhi is the capital city. It is a shame that women, youth and children have to stand in water lines for hours together.

Electricity distribution companies are able to provide electricity connection to every house because they can bill the household. But the government is claiming that laying pipelines upto the house is difficult!

The residents had earlier organised a dharna at Parliament street on July 27th, 2016. Following that, in August 2016 the government had announced a scheme called “Jal Adhikar connection” claiming to provide piped water supply to houses. But even after 2 years after that the scheme has not been implemented.  Sanjay Colony residents are determined that until their demands are met they will not give up their struggle.

Lok Raj Sangathan has been working to build Lok Raj Samitis in slum and rehabilitation colonies of Delhi. It is making maximum efforts to organise demonstrations in many other colonies demanding safe drinking water supply to all citizens of Delhi in the coming months.

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