The President


I am writing to thank you for carrying a memorial notice on the occasion of the passing of Mr. Kuldip Nayar recently. It was a very sincere and thoughtful obituary highlighting his important contributions to the life of this country.You have pointed out that his life and thoughts were shaped in the cauldron of the anti-colonial struggle in which he took part, and also by the ensuing events of 1947 which had the partition and the communal holocaust.You have pointed out that his life’s work was haunted by this past and he stood with the Indian people against all communal polarization and violence. I am writing to point out that the life of heroes such as himself, their life and work will serve as a beacon for others.The 70 years or more since that time have not been a time of peace or rest for the people of India. They continue to struggle with political and social problems on a massive scale.  While there is a huge concentration of wealth on the one pole and vast misery at the other,  the political life is one that is rife with violence and anarchy and confusion. In order to not lose heart, we should all participate in the struggles of the day, as Mr. Nayar did. I am writing to offer my solemn condolences to his family and to the people of India at this sad time. Let us truly memorialize his life by carrying on the struggle for justice and peace.


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