Kandhmal refugee camp


by K P Sasi


When a thunder and lightning hit
Many places of worship
Houses destroyed and people killed
With fire on the roofs
And swords and axes on the ground
Exploding bombs on the nerves
Murdering the identity and dignity
Of men, women and children,
I went to measure
The pain in their eyes
And to count
The number of tears
Flowing like a waterfall
Crossing their check dams,
For a moment of peace
And a moment of being.

The gush of the flow
Snatched our camera
And editing system
Forcing us to search in despair
Making us roam around in confusion
About the meaning
Of our own existence.
The rain that poured from the eyes
Could sweep any decent civilization.
But it didn’t.
For men who did not care
Except for their own greed for power
Could convert the presence
Into absence.
Today, when you look at
The drought in the eyes
With horrors of the past
Still bringing fire into my soul
I keep telling myself
That my body should never be connected
With another thunder and lightening.
And when the dark clouds moved
In a sky that I could not reach
I took a shot
Of a sun
That has never risen.

K.P Sasi is a film maker, writer, activist and cartoonist. He can be reached at kpsasi36@gmail.com


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