Farmers Long March

Farmers Long March

Our farmers and families in the throes of agrarian distress

Groan in pain over their debts and financial mess


The bankers send notices and warnings of loan money unpaid

Money lenders send their henchmen to ensure every penny is paid


The helpless farmer driven to sheer despair

Hangs himself to escape the endless nightmare


Leaving behind loved ones, staring at a future

So dismal, dark, dreary, bleak and insecure


Until hope dawns in the gritty community

In the form of a Long March of Solidarity


The crucified march through various alleys and stations

In dignified silence that attract adulation and attention


They shame today’s rulers sitting pretty in their pricey homes

Forcing them to climb down from their high and mighty thrones


Anthony Dias


SAMANVAYA (Networking for Communal Harmony)

JESA: WZone, SA-ML Bom

XISR, Nashik/Easter 2018


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