FITE poster

FITE poster


31 March 2018

An important first step was taken on 29th March when Forum for IT Employees (FITE) organised a meeting in New Delhi to make a plan for making IT employees in the NCR region aware of their legal rights.

The meeting was conducted by Shri Harpreet Saluja, Joint Secretary, FITE and attended by activists in the region. The President of LRS, Shri Raghavan and Dr Bharat Seth were also present.

There is a lot of propaganda wrongly advising IT professionals that they cannot form a union since they are not workers. This falsehood is propagated by the head honchos of the IT Industry as well as by their representative body, NASSCOM. However this lie has been exposed, and the formal recognition of FITE now sends a clear signal to IT professionals that they are also wage earners and hence just like any citizen of India have a right to form their union.

The IT industry employs almost 4 million IT professionals. Over the last couple of years it has been shedding employees in increasing numbers. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and various automation techniques is expected to increase competition within the IT industry. To protect their profits, IT companies are expected to shed more and more employees in next couple of years. It is in this background that FITE is taking steps to register the union in several states. This will surely help the IT professionals to fight for their rights in a more organized way.

The participants declared that they will take up the task of organizing IT professionals in the NCR region so that they can unitedly fight for their rights.

IT professionals are like a sleeping giant who is not aware of his own strength. It is the Indian IT professionals who are performing some of the most critical tasks impacting all the facets of world economy. If even 10% IT professionals from India decide to take mass casual leave on the same day, a huge number of industries across the world and most of its financial markets will come to a stand still. They need to realize this strength of theirs and fight unitedly with working people across India against injustice.

Lok Raj Sangathan fully supports this initiative and stands with IT professionals in their struggle for the right to organise.

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