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Greetings from Spark, we have been continuously following the struggle of TATA Institute of Social Sciences students against discontinuation of scholarship.

TISS-hunger strike

Below are the links to the various updates of the struggle. Do read and spread the word.

1) TISS – Students Continue Their Struggle. ( 16) :
Since the afternoon of 21st Feb 2018 the TISS students have occupied the TISS main gate and are sitting on dharna.

2) Spark – Voice of Youth Stands in Solidarity with the Students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). ( 15) :
Since day one Spark has been following the struggle of the students of TISS against the discontinuation of Government of India – Post Matric Scholarship (GOI- PMS) for the SC-ST students.

3) Letter of Support to TISS Students Protest ( 17) :
To The TISS Students Union. Dear Friends, We wish to express our full support and solidarity with you in your straggle against the recent attacks on a section of the students of your institute.

4)Press release 21st February 2018 ( 14) :
Tiss, Mumbai observes 100% university strike against privatisation of higher education and withdrawal of financial aid to SC-ST-OBC(NC) students.

5)TISS students agitate against unjust withdrawal of scholarship for students ( 13) :

Spark team covered the agitation of students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and expressed solidarity with the striking students against the withdrawal of scholarship. 


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