Condemning the unjustified increase in bus fare hike in Tamilnadu, a joint demonstration was held on January 30 at Valluvar Kottam under the banner of Nermai Ani. The demonstration was organised under the initiative of Desiya Makkal Sakti Katchi, one of the constituents of Nermai Ani. Other participants included Makkal Nal vazhvu Katchi, Valamaana Thamizhagam Katchi, Gandhiya Samadharma Iyakkam, Lok Raj Sangathan, unorganized workers union and others.

View of the demonstration

The demonstrators also demanded the implementation of prohibition in Tamilnadu and the setting up of a Lok Ayukta.

Speakers pointed out that through the selling of liquor through state-owned TASMAC, the Tamilnadu government is not only making super profit but also ruining workers families and keeping them sedated so that they cannot rise up to defend their rights.

They also pointed out that the reason why they are demanding a Lok Ayukta is in the expectation that an impartial enquiry will be conducted into the massive corruption charges against political parties and corporate interests.

Participants concluded that this action will be followed by many other meetings and demonstrations to mobile people and organise them for people’s empowerment.

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