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As in the news lately, layoff has become yet another daily topic to discuss, especially among IT employees. Cognizant and few other IT organizations were in the spotlight for illegally terminating their employees quoting poor rating in their annual performance appraisal, which is per company’s policies and benefits, not entirely based on employees’ talents or hard work. The employees who were affected, filed petitions against the technology firm for forcing them to resign or terminating them abruptly, all over India with help and support from FITE.

After few employees won, getting their job back that put lot of pressure on the company, they started to follow a new strategy, to reduce the work force in the name of PIP – Performance Improvement Plan. Based on this new strategy, each employee – whether in a project or not, irrespective of the performance rating – has to write an exam. If any employee fails to clear that exam, then they may get terminated. When discussed with employees, they elaborated the procedure that appeared to be more beneficial to the organization than improving employees’ skills.

In account of pressure of resignation imposed to the employees by Cognizant Technology Solution company HRs, the frustrated 19 employees of Cognizant and the members of Forum for IT Employees – FITE stood up against this injustice, approached labour commissioner in Kuralagam, Chennai explaining him about this job insecurity and filed a group petition under Industrial Dispute Act – 2K to resolve this as soon as possible.

The 2K petition illustrating the job-threat imposed and employees not being allowed to get tagged to any project with a motive of forced resignation by HRs and bonus & the increment was not given in the name of performance appraisal which was already decided by the management with the concern of termination.

The labour officer of conciliation accepted the petition with much concern and have guaranteed employees with job-security standing against the threat of induced resignation.

The Cognizant officials would be sent a copy of the petition in a couple of days calling both the sides to hear their concerns on this discrepancy.

FITE requests your support as always, to cover the news.

General Secretary, Forum for IT Employees

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