At the outset, I compliment the organisers of this Convention. This large gathering reflects how LRS has grown, and the presence of so many youngsters shows how we have developed and the need to fight for true democracy.

Justice Suresh

Today we have a democracy that reflects that even after 70 years, 77 per cent of the people are poor, and large numbers have no health care, no education. Our Constitution says that it is for the people, but what is the reality? Can we call the current system a real democracy? People’s right to roti, kapda and makaan should be fulfilled. The right to housing for all has not been ensured inspite of promises by the government to provide affordable housing. The domestic help who comes to work in the house pays 4,000 rupees per month towards rent. So, how will her other necessities be fulfilled. The current political and administrative system is organised on the British model. It is clear that this model is not relevant for our country..

People talk of how Prime Minister Modi got a good number of votes. His party got 31 per cent of the votes to form the government at the centre. Overall, only 55 per cent people came to cast their vote. This means that his party got only 17% of the votes of the electorate. Then where is the question of a majority government? I do not blame Modi but the system. A constituency in India should not have more than 10,000 people. People have to know who is representing them, and of what worth they are.

I agree that our objective is to see people’s representatives as MLAs and MPs. What is happening in this country? The government is not interested in ruling the way it should, that is in the interest of the large majority. We do not have a say in whom we should vote for. All this can change only if people are empowered.

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