On possible visit of US President

It has been reported that US President Trump will be visiting India in the near future. This 7th All-India convention of Lok Raj Sangathan resolves that we will organise with all people and organisations fighting for people’s right and against terrorism to unitedly oppose the visit of the head of a State that is the source of terror globally, that blatantly violates the sovereignty of the counties and organises war and destruction against the people of the world.

Against the privatisation of railways

The Indian Railway system is known as the artery of India. More than 2.3 crore people travel in it everyday. However due to government’s neglect and effort of privatise segments of it, the Safety of these millions travelling through them has become the lowest priority for the Govt. Deadly rail accidents have increased all over India. The recent horrifying death over 23 people and serious injuries to many more in Mumbai is a product of these policies of Government. It is highly objectionable that in these circumstances the government is borrowing about 90,000 crore from foreign money lenders to build a bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. LRS convention demands that the government stop privatising the railways and invest in the Safety and improvement of railway system.

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