The 7th All India Convention of Lok Raj Sangathan noted with concern the complete marginalization of people in the present political system. This Convention reaffirms that only by carrying out the necessary changes to ensure that sovereignty actually vests in the people, can the people of our country solve all the problems facing Indian society.

It noted that the problem of corruption is also rooted in the lack of sovereignty in the hands of the people, in the fact that a handful of big corporate monopolies dominate and control the Indian state and all its policies. It noted that the problem of corruption cannot be ended by merely replacing one party in power by another through elections, without changing the economic and political system.

With the goal of vesting sovereignty in the people, the Convention calls upon the new All India Council of LRS to step up the campaign to highlight how the present system marginalizes people, and what kind of changes are necessary to ensure that people are the decision makers. The Convention calls upon the All India Council of LRS to agitate for changes in electoral laws to end discrimination against small parties and organisations and to end the domination of the electoral process by parties of the ruling establishment. It calls upon the All India Council of LRS to continue to build unity of people to carry out a thoroughgoing change of the political system and process.

The 7th All India Convention condemns the growing attacks on religious minorities, Dalits, people fighting for their national and cultural rights, and the growing attacks on the right to conscience. It considers the right to dissent, the right to put forward a different vision for society, as a right which must be defended by any society that claims to be modern and democratic. It condemns the use of force to resolve political problems, as is being done by the Indian State in Kashmir, Manipur, Assam, and other regions of the country. The Convention demands the repeal of fascist laws such as AFSPA and the UAPA as well as the colonial sedition law. The Convention resolves to build unity of all those fighting against state terrorism and state organized communal violence.

The Convention notes with concern that the rights and interests of the vast masses of our people are being sacrificed at the altar of fulfilling the insatiable greed of the biggest corporate monopolies. The State is giving up its duty of ensuring security and prosperity for all. It is withdrawing from its responsibility of ensuring a human existence for our people. The wrecking and privatization of education system, the move towards privatization of railways, airlines, drinking water supply, water for irrigation, electricity supply, sanitation and other essential services is anti social and anti national. Noting that the State is unwilling to provide basic necessities such as drinking water and sanitation, ration cards, schools and hospitals in both urban and rural areas, water for irrigation in rural areas, roads and public transport, the Convention calls for building and strengthening Lok Raj Samitis in the course of fighting for these rights. The Convention demands constitutional guarantees with enforcing mechanisms to actualize these rights.

The Convention opposes interference of US and other powers in the South Asian region. It calls upon the Indian government to take concrete steps to establish peace in South Asia and friendly relations with our neighbouring peoples.

The Convention notes that political forums organised by LRS have contributed to strengthening its unity with other organizations fighting for the rights of people and their empowerment. The Convention calls upon the All India Council of LRS to pay attention to organising these forums on a regular basis in the future. It calls upon the All India Council of LRS to work closely with all other organisations who are fighting for the rights of the people and for their empowerment.

The Convention calls upon all members to build and strengthen Lok Raj Sangathan as the vehicle of the Indian people for their empowerment.

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