Letter from Forum for Electoral Integrity to the Chief Election Commissioner



Mr. Nasim Zaidi
Chief Election Commissioner

Dear Mr Nasim.

… I am writing from Chennai. There is huge perception here that in a desperate measure ECI is micromanaging the RK Nagar byelection and yet there is massive bribery of voters and other malpractices. In the event there is serious challenge to the credibility and prestige of ECI. This cannot be countenanced. One byelection means nothing compared to the credibility of ECI and integrity of the electoral process. ….. We would theerfore strongly urge you to get special report from your Observers and countermand the RK Nagar byelection. …

With booze, biriyani, coupons, cash and now coffin RK Nagar election is descending to deep decadence. Hoards of ECI observers, mini observers, flying squads and paramilitary forces who have descended on the Constituency has made a mockery of democracy. Please initiate immediate steps to countermand the polls there.

Things have gone beyond all limits. Holding polls there now will be demeaning to India’s democracy and big slur on ECI. .. Please have it countermanded. … Also disqualify the concerned candidates from contesting all future elections. .. By not doing this in Thanjavur and Aravakurichy in the recent TN Assembly elections, ECI has lost credibility…. Also initiate immediate steps to derecognise the concerned political party under Section 16A of the Symbols Order for gross and blatant violation of Model Code of Conduct. …

MG Devasahayam, IAS
Convener, Forum for Electoral Integrity.

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