On March 4, International Women’s Day celebrations were organised in a very interesting manner by the local committee of Lok Raj Sangathan in Marathon society, Badlapur (Maharashtra). About 70 women and 30 children participated. The most interesting and delightful thing about the program was that young women in their early twenties and young at heart women just 75 years old participated with full enthusiasm. The residents were full of praise for the members of our Lok Raj Sangathan for taking the initiative to organise this program. They were so happy that many of them expressed their desire to join our organisation.

For a long time now, the comrades of our Lok Raj Sangathan who stay there have been doing good work in the society with the help of the residents. Last year they had organised a grand open-air program on the occasion of International Women’s Day. They had then implemented a project to clean up the society and a campaign for improvement of the roads leading to the society. This had led to improvement of the society and the local corporator had also promised to get the road work done. The residents have started recognising the strength of organisation. Due to the lofty aims of our comrades, many residents had joined in. That is why one of the importatn aims of organising the program was to promote the idea of working collectively in an organised manner. To instil the belief that organised efforts do bear fruit. That is why people did understand the importance of getting organised in the local committee of Lok Raj Sangathan.

The program began with the members of the local committee rendering inspiring songs related to women’s struggles. After that the women enthusiastically, dil se, participated in various games. “Friendship first, competition later!” In these celebrations that were organised in this spirit, there were no losers! Each and everyone was a winner. Our organisation had made all the arrangements, so that no woman would find it difficult to participate. For instance, when some women came with their very small kids, the comrades of Lok Raj Sangathan – men as well as women – undertook the responsibility of looking after them, so that no woman was left out of the fun and games. It was so great to see a woman of 75 years winning a running race! Everyone gave her a standing ovation! Women participating in tug-of-war proved that they are by no means the weak sex! The entire program was like a festival in which every woman could participate to her heart’s desire.

In the end one of the members of the Lok Raj Samiti gave an inspiring speech. Her rendering of the history of International Women’s Day deeply stirred one and all. She explained the importance of getting organised and fighting for our rights. She stressed that if we want to overcome all the problems that we face today, we need to organise and establish Lok Raj! The applause that she received proved that her message had gone straight to the people’s hearts.

Young and old were full of praise for the function and declared, “This is the first time we have seen such a function. We should organise it again!” The happiness radiating from everyone’s faces showed that in the coming days, Lok Raj Sangathan will get established in Marathon Society as a strong people’s organisation.

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