Originally published in the online version of the Tribune News Service, Feb 4th 2017

Article by Mahesh Sharma

The followers of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha, who supported the Ghadar Revolution, want to keep the the Gadhar party flag high above other political flags in Sarabha village, even during the Assembly elections.

Followers say none of the political parties have ever tried to transform the dreams of Srabha and his associates into reality. They accused the political parties to use the name of Sarabha for their political benefits. Sarabha residents also said that leaders always pretend to be the admirers of Kartar Singh Sarabha which is not a reality.

Sikandar Singh Sarabha, a revolutionary leader, said that governments have failed to recognise the supreme sacrifice of Kartar Singh Sarabha and other martyrs.

“Besides Kartar Singh Sarabha, 12 youths from our village sacrified their lives during Kama Gatta Maru movement but none of the political parties ever bothered to conduct study about the ideologies of freedom fighters and martyrs.”

“We keep our flag high as it reminds us and other villagers about the sacrifice of Shaheed Sarabha and his associates,” said Sikandar.

Vice-President of the Shaheed Kartar Singh Sports Club, Harinder Singh, said, “Our club members have photographs of Kartar Singh Sarabha in their wallet. We do not promote the flags or symbols of political parties but our Ghadar flag.”

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