Press Release by the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Manipur

The President of People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Manipur, stated that it is now time for a better society which is fair and just. Gone are the days of injustice and struggles.

The people of Manipur with its diverse Culture and language has been living in harmony for hundreds of years. We have heard of uncountable instances where People of both hills and valleys fought shoulder to shoulder against the  rule of the British. However after attaining Independence, Manipur became part of India, under its rule.
A lot of attempts have been made to instill hatred causing irreparable damage in the relationship among the people of Manipur. The report also stated that the Indian government has been openly playing “divide and rule policy” with the people of Manipur who has been together since time immemorial, by trying to Negotiate individually with many groups.

The report further stated that creating new districts will not bring about much change in the lives of the people. It may benefit a few people. However, it will never relief people of the day to day struggling people of Manipur are facing. On the other hand, India will not have brought about any development in the then existing status quo. We can bring peace and harmony only by communicating and discussing among ourselves. Trying to the negotiate with the same government who has been trying to overpower will not yield good result other than pull us apart.

The report also stated that the root cause of the present turmoil in the state such as the ongoing economic blockade and counter blockade is a result of manipulation of the governing bodies. They have always tried to suppress the people of Manipur. They have deprived our people with the basic rights that we deserve – Human rights, Democratic rights and National rights. At the same time, people have not stopped fighting for their rights. The Government has been force ruling because people are powerless. At present, the army rules under the shadow of AFSPA. They have tortured the common people in the name of safety, bringing about unrest chaos in the state.

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