Global warming, drought in Maharashtra, the recent blast in Dombivli – there is growing concern among the citizens at large about the deteriorating environment and the unaccountability of the concerned authorities. As a step towards addressing this issue and promoting the role of citizens in safeguarding the environment, the Kalyan Committee of Lok Raj Sangathan organised a Tree Plantation drive on 24th July, 2016.

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The drive started from Rambaug area and ended at Khadakpada in Kalyan. Members of Lok Raj Sangathan along with local residents planted around 50 saplings, covering 8 societies in Rambaug, 2 societies in Khadakpada and one school, ‘Adarsh Hindi Vidyalaya’. More than 90 citizens came together to help members of Lok Raj Sangathan in planting trees. Everyone’s enthusiasm was at its peak. People sung songs while walking on roads and going from one society to another.  Members of Lok Raj Sangathan gave powerful speeches explaining very important issues like the condition of farmers due to the severe drought in Marathwada, the condition of workers and residents of Dombivli after the recent blast of a chemical reactor in a factory there, the increasing destruction of our environment, the need for people to take united steps towards saving our environment and holding the concerned authorities to account, and so on. Lok Raj Sangathan had prepared a very elaborate leaflet on this whole issue of deteriorating condition of environment and solution to it. The leaflet was distributed among the residents who participated in the drive. Beautiful songs were continuously played on the guitar and sung by members of LRS which lent a festive air to the tree plantation drive. Overall the response of residents was very welcoming towards the tree plantation drive and Lok Raj Sangathan.   

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Lok Raj Sangathan is an all-India organisation that was established in May 1998. It came into being in response to the widespread demand and desire of the people of India to take control of their own lives, and not leave it in the hands of self-serving politicians and narrow-minded parties of vested interests. LRS is neither a party that wants to keep power in its own hands, nor is it a non-political society. It is a mechanism for people in different walks of life and in different regions to unite on a non-partisan basis and prepare to become the rulers and decision-makers in society. It is a vehicle for the people to become politically active in a constructive way, without becoming vote banks for this or that party. Membership is open to all Indians of age 16 years and above, irrespective of caste, gender, language, religious beliefs, political and other affiliations, provided they are ready to work for the all-round empowerment of the people.

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Lok Raj Sangathan is very actively taking up issues concerning the society and making efforts to build unity amongst the masses. On 12th June the Lok Raj Sangathan had organised a blood donation drive to help the victims of the Dombivli blast. This had got an enthusiastic response from the residents of Kalyan, with people queuing up to donate blood.

The next step is an audio-visual program followed by a discussion on
“What can we citizens do to safeguard our environment?”
On Saturday, 13th August, 2016, at Matoshree Sabhagruha, opp. Maxi grounds
Near Old Lourdes School, Kalyan (W), from 3:30 p.m.

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