The district committee of Tamizhaga Vivasayigal Sangam (Tamilnadu Peasants Union) was convened under the leadership of Chillangulam K Ramasubbu at Pasuvandanai in Tuticorin district. The Committee discussed issues before the TN peasants and unorganised workers such as protection of livelihoods, elimination of corruption, end to casteism, prohibition and others.

It was felt that the coming assembly elections offer an excellent opportunity to build unity among peasants and also popularise these issues among all sections of people. The meeting was attended by 25 peasants from the area. All of them felt that in the conditions of increasing indebtedness of peasants, forcing them to commit suicide or migrate to the cities after selling their land, there is an immediate need to bring an awakening among the peasants. The Committee proposed K Deivaraj, resident of Melamangalam village, as their candidate for the Ottapidaram constituency.


Meeting for selection of candidate

The proposed candidate is a small farmer. He is functioning as the Secretary of the Ottapidaram Taluk branch of the Peasant Union, and has helped peasants living in villages in this Taluk to fight and obtain support from government departments (revenue, agriculture and cooperatives) under various schemes, particularly subsidies to set up drip irrigation, purchase of milch cows, sowing of cotton and pearl millet, toor dal etc. He has also mobilised peasants to demand flood relief measures by concerned departments. He will be contesting as part of the Nermai Ani.

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