dadari-5.jpgConcerned with the ever growing incidences of violence against innocent people, democratic and peace loving parties organisations and individuals have taken to street demanding that the guilty must be punished. Social Democratic Party of India, Lok Raj Sangathan and Sikh Youth Forum and several other organisations organised a demonstration against the murder of Akhlaq Ahmad. On the night of 28th September, some people barged into Akhlaq’s home in Bissada village in Gautam Budh Nagar in NCR, attacked him fatally, beating him up brutally. His son suffered serious injuries too. Demonstrations are being organised against such incidence.

The speakers from various organisations squarely blamed the state and the central government for not taking action against the organisation and leaders of such organizations who are spreading venom and communal tension on a continuous basis. On the other had they are being shielded by the parties in power, just as they did with those guilty of Muzaffarpur violence earlier.

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A similar demonstration was organised at Jantar Mantar on 6th October against the murder of an old Dalit man for entering a temple in District Hamirpur of Uttar Pradesh. Number of organisations participated in this demonstration including APCR, PUCL, PUDR, Socialist Party of India, Markaji-jamiyat-Ahle Hadis-Hind, Indian National League, SIO, FDCA, along with Lok Raj Sangathan. It was brought out by various speakers that irrespective of what Party is in power in the state or at the center, the attacks against the weak and oppressed keep occurring on a regular basis. Rumours are spread against communities and people, and the most vulnerable are made target of attack.

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Representatives of Lok Raj Sangathan have been joining hands with various organisation to oppose such attacks. In the speeches and statements, Birju Nayak of Lok Raj Sangathan said that “it is the state that is responsible for dividing the people on the basis of religion and caste and for organising communal violence and murders. The present day state is a continuation of the British colonial state and implementing the policy of divide and rule of the British colonialists with even greater efficiency. All the instruments and institutions of these states are geared in that direction. The parties in power implement the agenda of the rich minority while breaking the unity of the poor and oppressed by engineering and organising communal violence. Any opposition to its authority is being crushed through force and violence. How can people expect justice from the very perpetrators of such crimes? For the guilty to be punished it is important people understand the real nature of the present day state and organise to create a new type of state that will fulfil the needs of the people, and put an end to themselves and once and for all out and end to the strategy of the present day ruling classes to divide the people”.

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