Since the evening of August 31, 2015, the town of Churachandpur in Manipur has witnessed mass protests. At least 8 people have died in police firing on protestors. These protests came in the wake of the passing by the Manipur Assembly of three Bills — the Protection of Manipur People Bill 2015, the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms (Seventh Amendment) Bill 2015 and the Manipur Shops & Establishment (Second Amendment) Bill -2015. The protestors targeted their so-called representatives in the State Assembly and parliament, for not blocking these bills.

Earlier, since the beginning of June, Imphal Valley has been witnessing mass protests by student organizations demanding that laws be passed that would protect the people of Manipur from being swamped by migrants from other parts of India and from neighboring countries. They have demanded an Inner Line Permit System (see Box 1) for the whole of the state of Manipur. One school student was killed in the course of this agitation, which finally resulted in the passing of the three bills by the Manipur Assembly on August 31, 2015. During the course of this agitation, protestors targeted the Ministers of the Manipur Government and the MLA’s for dragging their feet on passing these bills.

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