Lok Raj Sangathan along with representatives of many organisations paid their homage to the memory of Mr. PA Sebastian, a people’s lawyer, at a condolence meeting organized by the CPDR (Committee for Democratic Rights) in August in Mumbai. He passed away on 23rd July, 2015. The work of Mr. Sebastian fighting to uphold the rights of people was shown at the meeting.


Those present remembered his fight for all the disempowered against state oppression. His genuine concern for people was evident when he argued in the courts. A victim of polio, PA Sebastian hated being reminded of his disability and would always refuse any help he was offered.

Justice Suresh who chaired the meeting concluding by saying that there is a great need to organise again and again to protest against the violation of people’s rights. Justice Suresh paid homage to the courage of Mr PA Sebastian and said he was a people’s lawyer.


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