It is with pride we report the latest endeavour made by activists of Himachal Pradesh. After continued work in the region, a LRS samiti was formed. This was the result of mobilisation of different organizations and activists who have been working together for different social issues and helping solve the problems of the marginalised people of the district for couple of years. The activists have been involved in rescuing animals, helping widows, orphans, and young girls, as well girls of marriageable age.

There are many environmental issues such as hydel projects, and the Himalayan Nature Park which has deprived the rights and access to the sacred forests access for the people of Himachal Pradesh. The people of the region have been protecting the mountains and the rivers and forests for thousands of years. This is part of their ancient culture and practice.

On the founding of the samiti, resolutions were passed to condemn the horrible treatment of the youth who flocked to the town in search of livelihood. Hundreds of youth have been recruited in the army and they are not provided proper shelter, water and sanitation facilities. They are left to the mercy of cold winds and harsh weather spending nights in the open.

Resolution was also passed condemning the authorities not doing anything about the garbage around the religious places of the minority community.

The samiti that has been formed has taken several decisions, including equal right of all members to participate and contribute to decision making. Meetings will be held on a monthly basis and it will be the duty of all members to recruit new members and involve them, including that of exploring opportunities to form new samitis in the region.

The meeting held in March decided to popularize the heritage and culture, especially the customs which involve the collective participation of the community. This includes collective labour and sharing of produce to assist needy families in the community. The revival and strengthening of such customs and popularising their significance in the interest of the larger society is an example of principled action on the ground.

The Samiti also decided to send invitations to all the members of the community explaining the main aims of the LRS, especially in preserving the ancient statecraft and its importance for ensuring the wellbeing of the people, which forms a very important aspect of the culture of communities in the region.

The Samiti will be organizing a joint forum and conference of all social activists and organizations to strengthen the unity of the people and for coordinating the activities under the leadership of the LRS Samiti.

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