Resolution Condemning US Imperialism’s Assault on the Sovereignty of Nations and Peoples

On March 9, US President Barack Obama issued an executive order imposing sanctions on 7 Venezuelan government and military officials, accusing them of alleged human rights violations and describing the situation in Venezuela as constituting an "unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States".


The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), representing 12 countries of South America, has condemned the US sanctions and characterisation of Venezuela as a "security threat" for the US. The President of Venezuela has demanded that the US cease its hostile actions against Venezuela, abolish the executive order describing Venezuela as a threat to US national security, retract the sanctions against the Venezuelan officials who were merely following government orders and cease its conspiracy to overthrow the government in Venezuela.

In order to justify carrying out regime change in various countries, the US imperialists are known to incite reactionary forces to carry out provocations against the people as well as the security forces in those countries and spread anarchy and violence. When those states act to stop the anarchy and violence, the imperialist controlled media makes a big hue and cry about "human rights violations" and for regime change. This appears to have been the case in Venezuela as well.

The AIC meeting of LRS, April 5, 2015 condemns the sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the US imperialists and their efforts to interfere in the internal affairs of that country.

War planes of Saudi Arabia and other allies of US attacked Yemen on March 26, 2015, as part of a war of aggression launched by Saudi Arabia against Yemen, in order to establish there a regime under Saudi dictate. US imperialism has openly backed the Saudi invasion, and announced that President Obama has authorised "logistical and intelligence" support to the invasion. Many civilians have been killed in the air assaults.

The US imperialists and their Saudi allies organised regime change in Yemen two years ago. Since then, a civil war has been raging in Yemen. The pretext for the recent invasion of Yemen, advanced by the Saudi rulers, is that the main oppositional forces, the Houthi militia, are backed by Iran. The US imperialists and their Saudi Arabian allies have launched this savage war against Yemen, as part of their effort to re-draw the map of West Asia.

The AIC meeting of LRS, April 5, 2015 condemns the Saudi Arabian government and its US imperialist backers for this violation of the sovereignty of Yemen.

The AIC meeting of LRS, April 5, 2015 severely condemns all such attempts by US imperialism and its allies to incite anarchy and violence in other countries and use that as a pretext to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, militarily attack the people there and organise regime change, brutally violating the sovereignty, freedom and independence of those countries.

It resolves to continue to agitate against all forms of attack by US imperialism and its allies against the sovereignty of other nations and build the unity of people around the demand that US imperialism should immediate cease such hostile acts against other countries.

Resolution Against State Terrorism

On March 21 a trial court at Tis Hazari, Delhi acquitted the 16 PAC personnel who had been facing trial for the premeditated murder of 40-45 muslim youth in Hashimpura, Meerut, U.P., 28 years ago. They were acquitted on grounds of "insufficient evidence". In an atmosphere of state organised communal violence and terror, the youth were rounded up in a truck, taken to the Ganga canal in Ghaziabad, shot dead one by one and their dead bodies dumped into the canal. This was reported by a few of the youth who escaped alive, and is well known in the community.

The killing of muslim youth by the PAC and their subsequent acquittal is yet another of the innumerable instances of state terror that is characteristic of the Indian state. Carrying out vicious communal propaganda, organising communal violence targeting one community or another, this is standard operating procedure for the Indian state. The police and security personnel are trained to be communal and to viciously attack the ordinary people, while facilitating the murderous mobs.

Inevitably, the guilty are never punished, inspite of overwhelming evidence of their crimes, and even get elevated to high positions of power. This is true of the genocide of Sikhs in 1984, the massacres following the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, the genocide in Gujarat in 2002, the recent massacres in Muzzafarnagar in run up to the LS elections, in Trilokpuri in Delhi and so on. In recent months the courts have given a clean chit to the police chief in Gujarat, Vanzara, who was known to be architect of many encounter killings.

On March 31 the Gujarat state assembly passed the ujarat Control of terrorism and Organised Crime Bill 2015. This law is similar to the dreaded TADA and POTA acts, the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA). Several such draconian laws already are in force, such as the UAPA and the AFSPA, under which all forms of dissent against the rulers is considered criminal and brutally suppressed. The offences are considered non bailable. People can be detained on grounds of mere suspicion, held in custody indefinitely without trial and even eliminated. The armed forces and security forces enjoy completely immunity under these laws.

On March 25 the Delhi police, under direct orders of the Delhi Chief Minister, viciously beat up thousands of workers, women and youth who had gathered at the Delhi Secretariat to press for their demands such as such as the abolition of contract system in perennial nature of work, free education till class 12th, filling 55,000 vacant seats in the Delhi government, recruiting 17 thousand new teachers, making all the housekeepers and contract teachers permanent, etc. The demonstrators were chased down and brutally beaten up by the police, women were physically molested and abused, many suffered fractures of arms, legs and hands, head injuries, etc. Several activists were detained in police lock up overnight. They continue to be harassed and intimidated by the police.

The LRS AIC meeting, April 5, 2015 condemns all these and more incidences of state terrorism and resolves to continue the efforts to build the unity of the people against all forms of state organised sectarian violence and terror. 

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