Lok Raj Sangathan strongly condemns the passing of the Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime Bill 2015 by the state assembly. The legislation is similar to the dreaded POTA and TADA. Under the Act, the police can keep a person in custody for 30 days without trial. It also gives the police 180 days to file a charge. This means that a person can be detained upto 180 days merely on the basis of phone records. Offences under the Act are non-bailable.

The fact that even after the Bill was rejected by the President twice it was passed reveals that today’s democracy is a sham and the ruling establishment can enact legislation to curb any dissent with impunity.

This legislation is similar to Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

Both the earlier UPA government and the current BJP-led NDA government have taken recourse to various fascist laws including AFSPA and UAPA to put down struggles of people and curb any kind of dissent against the present course of the economy.

LRS appeals to all activists and organisations fighting for human, democratic, and national rights to rally together and oppose these anti-people legislation unitedly.

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