img-20150328-wa00011.jpgPopular Front of India organised a Table Talk and Public Meeting on Minority Rights in Delhi on 28th March 2015. Representatives from Lok Raj Sangathan participated in the meetings.

The Convention was held to strengthen broad based alliances among individuals and groups who are concerned about civil rights and minority rights. The Table Discussion involved an exchange of views among minority community leaders and rights activists and organisations. It was followed by an open session attended by nearly 300 delegates from Delhi and neighbouring states.


Representatives of Lok Raj Sangathan congratulated PFI for taking this initiative and pointed out that the communal nature of the Indian State has its root in the colonial policy of divide and rule. During the 1857 ghadar, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs fought the colonial regime unitedly. After defeating this upsurge, the British colonialists initiated a series of steps to communalise the polity and keep the people divided on religious and other lines. This policy was continued by the new rulers who were brown in skin but western in thought. Whichever party comes to power today has to implement this State policy against minority communities, adivasis and dalits in order to play on their fears, keep the people divided and ensure stability of their rule. The BJP-led government is pursuing a policy which is taking the country towards fascism and the denial of democratic and civil rights and the right to conscience. The Congress-led governments earlier had adopted the same policies. It is important that we strengthen our alliance to fight this fascist trend and defeat the policies of the ruling establishment and their political parties.

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