Young members of the Lok Raj Sangathan, in Thane, Maharashtra took initiative and organised a very interesting workshop entitled “Which Way Ahead – Glory or Doom?” on 25th and 26th of January, 2015.


A large number of student youth, mainly young college-going girls and boys, participated enthusiastically in this workshop. There were also garment workers from Central Mumbai as well as women of the farming community from villages in Thane district.

A number of burning issues of the day were addressed in the two days. These included: How reliable a friend is the US? and on “War on Terror” is a big fraud!

Both presentations provided clear facts to reveal the US history of aggression. The crimes of the US government, the genocides that it has perpetrated in various countries all round the world were explained to the audience. The facts regarding the large number of military bases that the US has in countries not far from India and how the economy of the US and its MNCs are heavily dependent on the armament industry, brought clear evidence on how the US is hell bent on promoting war and not peace between different countries.

The presentation and the discussions brought out clearly that the US State is the greatest threat that humanity faces today. People across the world are misled by the barrage of propaganda that they face every day, but of late more and more people are realizing that the US is not to be trusted and that it cannot be a friend of the Indian people or any of the peoples of the South Asia region.

The discussion also focused on what the Modi government has delivered in the months it has been in power and the dangers for common people in the course that it is pursuing. Working people have already started experiencing that the promised “Acche Din” are only for some elite monopolies! Through the vigorous discussion and participation of all youth who had assembled brought forth clearly the realisation that the need of the day is to establish the real rule of the people – Lok Raj!

The material presented in the workshop was much appreciated and many felt that the truth needs to be told to wider audiences. The positive feedback and appreciation of the workshop was evident in many of them becoming members of Lok Raj Sangathan and expressing their desire to work with LRS and towards building a new society.

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