Veteran communist leader Govind Pansare (82 years old) and his wife were shot at near their residence in Kolhapur, on the morning of February 16, causing serious injuries to both of them.  After being on ventilator support he passed away on February 20, 2015. His wife is still in hospital with critical injuries. Five days after this brutal attack, the Maharashtra government has still not found the killers.

The incidents triggered off widespread protests by progressive people, who came out to condemn the attack and demand conviction and punishment of the guilty. The leaders of all political parties in Maharashtra have unanimously condemned this murderous crime.

Shri Govind Pansare was known to have a long history of fighting undauntedly for the rights of the oppressed and marginalized people. He had been active in the struggle for the rights of workers and students and against attempts to provoke sectarian violence and hatred.

The murderous assault on Shri Pansare took place in the climate of violence that is spreading all over our country. Over the past few years, increasingly the voice of dissent is sought to be suppressed through violence and terror. Assassinations, arrests and torture, and false cases against activists fighting for the rights of people have become ever more frequent. Two years back, a well known rationalist thinker and activist of Maharashtra was murdered in a similar cold blooded crime. His killers have still not been brought to book. This is the dangerous trend, not only in our country, but in all the so called advanced countries of the world including the US and Britain.

Lok Raj Sangathan calls upon all Progressive people and forces, all those fighting for the rights of the toiling masses, to unite and oppose the spreading violence.

Lok Raj Sangathan extends its heartfelt condolences to the family of Shri Pansare.



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