img_7233.jpgA Press Conference was called on 4th December at the Women’s Press Corps, Delhi by all the 30 organisations that are jointly organizing a rally on the 22nd anniversary of the demolition of Babri Masjid.

Representatives from Lok Raj Sangathan and other organisations were present at the Press Conference on behalf of all the organisers.


Lok Raj Sangathan’s President, Shri.S. Raghavan, addressing the press, announced that there would be a demonstration from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar beginning at 11:00 a,m culminating in a Public Meeting. Dr. Iliyas of Welfare Party, Shri. Intezar Naeem of Jamaat e Islami Hind, Hafiz Mansoor of Social Democratic Party of India, Shri. R.K.Sharma of SUCI (Communist), Shri.Prakash Rao of Communist Ghadar Party of India, Shri. Abdul Rasheed Agwan of All India Majlis e Mushavarat, Shri.N.D. Pancholi of Citizens for Democracy, Shri Kashit Ahmad Faraz of Association for Protection of Civil Rights and Shri Parvez of Popular Front of India addressed the Press briefly.


They pointed out the significance of such a large number of organisations uniting to press for the demands of the people on this occasion. This reflects the concern of the vast masses of people about the situation, because it is not just what happened 22 years ago, but its relevance today. State terror is being used time and again, against the people, to keep them suppressed, targeting one or another community, so that those who rule can carry on with their agenda.
All the organisations were unanimous in their demand for the punishment of those guilty of the heinous crime of demolition of the Masjid and the genocide in its aftermath, and for the establishment of a society where no section of the peoplecan be subject to such horrific attacks. The people are deeply concerned that this State is unable to fulfill its obligation to ensure peace and security to its people. They are seeking a solution to this fundamental issue.

The organisers expressed their confidence that this rally will serve to raise these issues among the people for further discussion and for consolidating the unity of all people and their organisations in struggle for a society that will ensure peace and security for all.

LRS Correspondent

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