Dear comrades and friends,

We in Ghadar International and other justice loving people have always condemned the Indian State for massacring of people of Sikh faith in Delhi, Kanpur and other cities in 1984 and raised our voice in UK to demand justice for the victims of bestial murders and rape of women and young girls by criminal gangs let loose by the state. The scenes of Sikh men being burnt with tyres round their necks shown on TV screens still keep coming alive when one remembers about those three days during which the state and its so called “security forces” not only did not help the victims but actively encouraged the marauding mobs. The leaders of ruling Congress Party seen with lists of Sikh residences in their hands called upon the criminals specially released from jails to kill and burn the Sikhs.

We, along with the people of Sikh faith and all other justice loving people in Britain fully agree with your joint statement that instead of forgetting and forgiving those massacres, it is of paramount necessity that those who organised and lead those pogroms are brought to justice and punished if the people of India are to stop such occurrences happening again and again. The massacres of Hindus and Muslims in Mumbai in 1993, of Muslims in 2002 in Gujrat and recent murders in Muzaffarnagar would not have happened if the guilty for 1984 have been punished.

These pogroms show us that the state has failed in its duty to protect the people. They show us that the Congress Party and the BJP both are responsible for such occurrence happening time and again and the people of India cannot rely on them for getting justice and for their protection.

We, the Indian people in Britain and the other justice loving people fully support the action organised by you on 1st November, to demand that the guilty of 1984 genocide must be punished and state terrorism should be ended. Through you, we want to let all the Indian people know, specially those who lost their loving ones, that the people in UK are with you and will always stand by you. We congratulate all of you for organising this very important event. Thank you very much.

Dalvinder Atwal (Ghadar International)

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