On 13th September, activists from different organizations who had gathered to participate in a discussion organized by Lok Raj Sangathan and KamgarEktaChalwal in Mumbai , unanimously condemned the policy of US Imperialism in Asia.

The meeting began with a power point presentation by a young activist of Lok Raj Sangathan. The presentation, with a lot of data, clearly brought out the overwhelming presence of US Air force, Military and Navy in 156 countries across the world, which is more than 75% of world’s countries. US has military bases in 63 countries. Asia with more than 60% of world population is an extremely important market for US imperialists. With an objective of controlling these markets, theUS has systematically spread its presence in the Asia Pacific region. Thus this represents a very grave danger for people of India and Asia. The presentation also brought out the ghastly crimes committed by US imperialists in the past 80 years, like unleashing of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, chemical warfare against Vietnam, chemical warfare against Iraq, Afghanistan, drone attacks on Pakistan and many other countries, and so on.

Justice Hosbet Suresh, renowned Human rights activist and past President of Lok Raj Sangathan stressed that the US military forces have been attacking or interfering in various countries of the world in the name of bringing peace, democracy etc. but they have never brought peace anywhere in the world. In whichever country there is no US-style democracy the US and its allies get an easy excuse to interfere and cause trouble. He also stressed that people must questionthe kind of democracy we have in India, where known killers of people even become Prime Ministers. He expressed his happiness that people all over the world are opposing US imperialism.

The speaker from CGPI thanked the Lok Raj Sangathan for arranging a meeting on this burning topic. The ruling classes of India have been siding with imperialist forces including US imperialism in the entire period post-independence. Now the Indian ruling classes are very eager to become the trusted ally of the US. This is inspired by their own imperialist ambitions. They do not mind being the gendarme of the US in Asia as long as they are allowed to expand their command over other countries of Asia and elsewhere. The Indian ruling establishment use the so-called threat from Pakistan as a method of diverting attention of our people from their real problems and also to justify their increasing militarization and war mongering policies. Neither the working people of Pakistan nor the working people of India are enemies of each other. It is their ruling elites and US imperialism which are their common enemy. She reminded everybody about the fact that the unity and active opposition of Indian people forced the Government of India to abandon its plans to send Indian troops to participate in the US war against Iraq. She also reminded how Indian people have always opposed US interference by demonstrating in millions during visits of past US presidents, Bush and Clinton.To oppose US intervention it is necessary to recognize and oppose the Indian ruling classes who themselves have dreams of joining the big power club. She concluded by saying that “Only the working people can prevent imperialist wars”.

Comrade Haldankar of the CPI also addressed the meeting and expressed opposition to the war-mongering efforts of US imperialism. A large number of activists of the Lok Raj Sangathanand KamgarEktaChalwal participated in the meeting. Apart from them, activists of IFTU, BEST Worker’s Union, and the Ladaku Garment Union also participated in the meeting.
The meeting unanimously adopted the resolution which had been passed in the RajneetikManch of Lok Raj Sangathan and many other organizations held on 17th August this year. The resolution condemned foreign intervention in South Asia region , oppose militarization and war preparations by governments, condemned acts of state terrorism under any pretext, and called on the Central government to annul all defense treaties and collaboration with the US imperialists and to build friendly relations with the neighboring countries.

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