A political forum on “US Asia Policy, Question of Sovereignty and We the People” took place on August 18, 2014 in New Delhi. We are reproducing below the transcript of speakers.

Sucharita Basu: This issue is critical for us, because US has continued to commit all kinds of criminal acts against the people and is preparing for war. We will be discussing this today.

We will start with a presentation, which will provide some facts about this important issue. After this we have various individuals and organisations who will give their views, and at the end we will sum up and also present a declaration.

The Power Point Presentation was received very well [click to view the presentation]. The presentation explained clearly the hegemonic imperialist ambitions of US and its militarisation as well as its criminal acts of violence and terror against the peoples of the world.

Following the presentation, Sucharita Basu said, “Friends, you saw how all over the world, and in particular in Asia, US is trying to dominate this region through its military might operating from bases across the globe; and its plans are very clear. This is what we are going to discuss.

Raghavan, President – Lok Raj Sangathan: we have gathered here on a very important issue; all over the world this is being discussed, and for us too it is important to have this discussion. We saw in the presentation and panels exhibited at the back of the hall, that the US is not a power which will work for or bring peace; it’s only aim is to control the world. If it does not interfere in the Asian region, it cannot fulfill this aim.

Its policy in this region – US Asia-Pacific Pivot policy is nothing but the continuation of the previous policy. At the same time what is different is that US wants to focus on the geo-politics of this region. At the time of the Bush Presidency, the US got discredited and millions of people descended on the streets to protest. Just as in India, the face of the ruler has changed in elections although the basic policies remain the same, similarly, they wanted a change in face and pushed back Bush and brought Obama. Their main aim is to get control over the resources, minerals, etc., of this region. Towards this end the policy has been formulated to create conflicts, to inflict civil wars and to create chaos so that US can install regimes favourable to it. In order to cover up its main intentions, US uses the slogan of democracy, sovereignty, saving or freeing people from dictators, etc.!

What should we, Indians do to stop this growing interference of US in our region? Can we leave it to our government to deal with this? Can we have faith that our government will take a step to stop the US? On the contrary our government is making more treaties with the US. The relationship between India and US is a long-standing one and they want to strengthen it further; the Indian rulers want to become a super power by playing the role of a junior partner with the US.

We the people, only we can defend our sovereignty. We can build an atmosphere where the peoples of our neighbouring countries and us can ensure that no power from outside can interfere in this region nor control our resources; this is our principle. LRS wants peace and will work for this on a consistent and continuous basis. This is what we want to educate the people about and do the propaganda on. The US wants to fund their agents and spread discord, which will create a dangerous situation here. Many of the organisations and individuals present here know and recognise this danger and are conscious of the necessity to oppose this. I would look forward to listening to the views of the many speakers present here.
In short, the only power that opposes peace in this region is the US and there is no doubt about that. So I am sure that all the participants will focus on this issue and give their suggestion on how to strengthen and build the unity of the people’s in this important task.

Prakash Rao, Spokesperson – Communist Ghadar Party of India: On the global front people are facing so many disasters. This is the clash of the two classes – on one hand the workers and toiling people, who want a new society, where there is no exploitation, no conflicts between people on the basis of caste, religion, etc. and on the other hand, it is the power that is ruling, whose intention is to keep alive the oppression, exploitation, and bleeding of the people so that it can continue to rule. We cannot forget this ever. This struggle has taken different forms.

In the world war times, it was a question of struggle between imperialism and socialism. In the Second WW, too, they claimed that there were only a few nations that can rule the world; but what happened? At that time people rose against fascism, and declared that it was their birth right to decide what kind of system they wanted, and that no nation has any right to interfere and push their form of rule. People sacrificed and fought to defend their sovereignty but imperialism did not bow its head.

When the Soviet Union was formed, many of the nations were in crisis. US used its relative stronger position to get Europe under its control. People in those nations wanted peace. Whereas those who rule there, insist that they will continue with their economic rule, political rule, and military rule. They dismembered Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and now in the Ukraine they are doing the same and blaming others for this; they say that Russia is responsible. In Palestine, they just condemn the victims and praise the Israelis. They use media to turn truth on its head repeating the truth as lies and the lies as truth.
The European Union is claimed as a great Union. However, in actual fact there are a few nations like Germany and France that are controlling all aspects of political and socio economic life of all the European nations. In Europe, monopolies are given control over commerce and trade; the prices went up. Various countries of Europe are reduced to supplier of this or that commodity for the European Union. For example, Spain produces five times the amount of tomatoes that India does. In the Ukraine those in power are claiming that they will be first in production of chocolates! I am raising the issue of Europe because they did protest in great numbers against the domination of US, but now they are stuck in their own mire.

What is happening in West Asia is dangerous for us as well; the Imperialist aim of dismembering has to be opposed. The struggle is now between American imperialism, big banks and capital, backed by the military strength on one side and on the other side the peoples of the world, who demand that people should be in power and sovereignty must be in the hands of the people, that economic orientation is in the hands of the people. Will it be Washington or the peoples?

Those who favour US, claim that they are the most modern and developed nation! And that people fight with each other. These criminals, don’t want to acknowledge that democracy was known and practiced here in this region, much before they even knew its meaning. Anglo-American philosophy is against all peoples, including the Muslim nations; can one say that there is democracy in Iraq, all the factions are having connections with the US. All the phone lines of various groups in Iraq are connected to Washington. Is it democracy or dictatorship? Where is the sovereignty? They want to smash Iraq. They want to destroy the world and they claim that they are contributing to progress!

We need to see and understand that US is weak. In South America for example, see how those countries have opposed the US and said why we should come under the sway of the dollar. This Asian region has 60% of the population of the world, has numerous resources, and has a proud history and that is why the Imperialists aim is to control this region and the world. Look at history of revolutions in Vietnam, Iran, etc. India has to make its choice. We are the sons of Bhagat Singh. We have to put up the fight.

Look at Iran. It is a small country, but the Imperialists could not control, because the Iranian people are united.
A nation or state which tramples sovereignty of any other nation has to be opposed. This is happening blatantly in Libya and we cannot accept it. In a country, which is multinational like ours, we need to take along all the nationalities with us.
We should not be afraid to voice our opinions against injustice and in defense of the truth. The Indian state is ruthless. A MP, a CM’s daughter, was charged under sedition, because she said that Hyderabad and J &K were taken into the Indian Union by use of force.

CGPI, right from the beginning has defended the right of nations, and that there is the principle of a voluntary union that has to be defended. If Obama tomorrow sends army to Kashmir, we will say NO, this is our internal affair. We have to support our Kashmiri and Manipuri brothers in their struggle for national rights but we cannot permit US to interfere here. Sovereignty has to be vested with the peoples and nations. We want a voluntary union. We tell oppressed nationalities to look towards India and not some foreign country for support.

We are fighting for the people to become sovereign; the constitution should be in the hands of the people, and people should be able to initiate laws and this is what we are fighting for.

Imperialism uses all kinds of tricks; in 1947, Mountbatten decided as to when to give independence to India. Mountbatten said that we left India because it is easier for dark-skinned people to control the revolutionaries. Union jack was not brought down. The border was declared two days after the independence so that the British will not be blamed for the massacres that were plotted and organised. The Indian state never broke with imperialism. Similarly what business did the Pakistan state have to join CENTO and interfere with Vietnam and the Soviet Union?

US is not afraid of Chinese or Indian rulers but they are terrorised by people rising up. Indian rulers are joining up with imperialism and want to have joint arms production. They want war otherwise arms are not profitable. We should break totally with imperialism. America along with Britain were worried about revolution. Everywhere they declared that it is important at any cost to oppose communism.

A country which has such a wonderful history, to hand it over to the hands of a few who did not really want a better system is totally unacceptable. They did not at that time want freedom and a better society nor do they want it now.

America is interested in bringing India into their treaties and organisations. Lakhs of Indian gave their lives in the World Wars, they want our people to become the cannon fodder in their wars once again.

Indian state thinks it’s different from Pakistan; and the Indian state wants to unite with US against Pakistan. This is against both our peoples. In order for the Indian people to genuinely fight the US, we have to throw out those who oppose sovereignty of the people, we have to take the ghadar forward, and then only will we be victorious against the imperialists as well!

Renu Nayak: we have to understand the policy that is being adopted in our country. What we see in the media, only gives us a one sided picture of the US. At times people are thinking that all this type of development will get them jobs. Similarly, they don’t show how ordinary Americans are facing problems. When we look at the reality of how many countries have been destroyed by the intervention of imperialism, then we understand that they will stop at nothing. In Afghanistan after 10 years of struggle their country is in shambles. We have to understand why they want to target Asia. Right now they don’t feel that there is any opposition from India. In Pakistan bomb blasts are going on, which may very well be done by US only, but various forces are being blamed for it. We have to build our organisations and raise these issues. Our lives are deteriorating and a majority of our people are living in poverty. We have to understand why the imperialist want to come here. There is no doubt in my mind that we have to resolutely oppose US imperialism and it is in the hands of our people to do so.
Charu: I thank LRS for organising this discussion on such an important topic. It is true that it is only us, the people, who can stop imperialism from dominating us. It is clear that the ruling class never broke with British colonialists and they have the same viewpoint as their previous masters. When they say that Modi is very powerful, it does not mean that they are going to empower the people but they are going to make the ruling class and the Indian state powerful. Imperialists do not look at development from the point of view of the people. It is only us, the people, who have to understand the geopolitics and the issue of sovereignty. We will have to unite as people – workers, peasants, youth and women.

Prakash Saman of SUCI: Our people are quite clear about US imperialism. Lenin had said, “Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism.” We all know and understand that the Youth is very important in this struggle against war. Revolution is the death knell for imperialism.

In 2008, there was one of the most severe crises. Big banks failed; the biggest car manufacturer, General Motors, failed. US market is not growing except the military market. US imperialism will survive by killing people. Not just US imperialism but all imperialists are alive and stay alive only by killing people. We saw occupy Wall Street movement in which it was a case of 1% vs. 99%. There were slogans raised in the US also – “Imperialism, down down!”

They call Bhagat Singh and Khudi Ram Bose “terrorists”. In Palestine, Hamas won the elections and is ruling. But US imperialism is not happy, it is backing Israel by claiming that Hamas are terrorists. In Sudan a medicine factory was bombed by US and this made Sudan more dependent for medicine on other countries.

In Afghanistan, Osama was the US’s friend. They are using terror to save US and other imperialists. The crisis is so deep that they can only survive in this fashion.

India’s policy is bankrupt. They say they supported some government at one time and then they have to continue to support them even when they are clearly in the wrong. Defence FDI has been raised to 49%. It is not for defending our country but to continue their profits. They want to open up space for Indian and US companies so that there is guaranteed profits.
What is the solution? It is very clear that power should be in the hands of the people. We say we are opposing US but when our government and state did not oppose them when they attacked Iraq. We got confused. We have to understand that there is no good that imperialism can do. So let us advance the consciousness of the people through meetings like this.

Dharmender: 400 years ago, Emperor Jehangir told the British you can come and trade here. We were sovereign then. The result of Jehangir’s firman was that we slowly lost our sovereignty, and the British took over it over a period of time. Today also we can see the same thing happening. In 1947, we fought as citizens, cutting across religion, caste, to throw the British out. In 1917, when revolution took place in Russia, imperialism declared that they should promote peace and what they actually did was to send their agents to organise counter-revolution.

They became caretakers of “peace” at every instant in every corner of the world! The government – organises and funds agencies that will dilute the struggle of the people. Indo-Japan friendship was sealed, but for what? It was ultimately to have projects such as the metro, etc. When we oppose foreign companies, like after the Bhopal gas genocide, they called us terrorists. Our sovereignty is in danger, and we need to take it from capitalism and imperialism, and in all this anybody who interferes in our affairs we will resolutely oppose.

Even the twin towers, from what I have read after thorough investigations, it is not beyond belief – that it was at the behest of the Pentagon. Those who call others terrorists are themselves terrorists. When people opposed the nuclear power stations, they were called terrorists. We have to continue organising ourselves and with one united effort throw these imperialists and their defenders out of this country!

Siddhantkar – CPI (ML) New Proletarian: Today we are discussing about the black deeds of US imperialism. We are all familiar with these. But it is necessary to put them together and show them again and again as it was done today in the presentation.

The policies that are made in our country are not with the perspective that we, the working people have, but with the perspective that we are available to be used. How long will we remain like that? We are the toiling people, workers and scientists, who make everything and discover all new things. It is our right to take the political power in our hands by organising ourselves. I keep appealing to myself and all comrades to utilize the instruments that we have ourselves prepared. With these imperialism can be destroyed. We need to keep talking and showing the black deeds of US imperialists then only people’s consciousness will rise.

All governments in India throughout these years have been opening the road for exploitation of people and resources of the country. I am happy that we have taken the initiative in this direction and exposing the black deeds. When we start our struggle new means for winning will also emerge. We have to eliminate all imperialism including imperialism in India and by destroying imperialism on the world scale we will usher in revolution on the world scale!

Nirmala: I learnt a lot from the presentation as to how the US is interfering in every part of the world. People do not want destruction of educational institutes and hospitals. So it shows that there is no rule of the people. If people were ruling in India, then people of Northeast would not have been facing the armed forces for so many years. In US native people and black people have been suppressed and destroyed. US government has been working against its own people.

Obama being given Nobel Prize is the biggest joke. Anyone who struggles is called terrorist while actually imperialism uses terrorists to liquidate people’s struggles. Drones are being used to kill people. We should find facts about what is happening and show it to everyone, particularly the youth.

Sohan from Ghaziabad gave a colourful speech interspersed with half a dozen poems and couplets and said: All of us have heard and understood the profound substance of this issue. US wants to send a message of peace, but how can such a cruel power that has destroyed so much of humanity send out signals of peace? Friends, do you know how our wealth is stolen? Today, the wealth of our society – labour of our youth is being stolen to make wealth in US. AS long as we are silent, as long as we ignore this, US can continue to loot us. Times are calling for change, times are demanding our response. We have to know our strength, our united and collective action is the only thing that can stop imperialism.
Mohd. Salim Engineer (Jamait-e-islami): I and my organisation are in full agreement with whatever has been said here since morning. Wherever there is oppression there will be resistance. The presentation was beautiful. The biggest danger to peace, if we want to identify one country, it is from the US; US imperialism; the most dangerous and terrorist country today is the US.

In 1947 we got free but with division. Diversity of our nation is also our strength. We all agree that it is our country whatever our religion or other difference, we all have equal right to decide about our country. However, decisions are not made after consulting the people. The budget is not made after asking us. Our Parliament and Assemblies do not make law taking the interest of the people but instead make laws that serves the interest of imperialism. Despite different ideologies, if we can unite on these issues, then we can save the independence and sovereignty of our country. There are forces which divide our people and they benefit from such divisions. These forces have intruded and have come amongst us also.

Why would we need anyone from outside to help us? Our rulers are consulting foreign agencies and not our people. I would urge to continue to respect each other’s rights and we will be able to defeat the evil designs of imperialism!

Pradeep, Sanjay Colony: US imperialism is interested only in looting other countries. We make 5-year plans. US makes 100 year plan to feed its people by depriving other peoples. US is violating sovereignty of other countries. It is recruiting its agents and funding them to advance its interest. No country is raising its voice against US imperialism. The challenge before us youth is how to oppose imperialism when our and other countries’ governments are not opposing. To save ourselves from imperialism what should we do ?

Uma: The biggest danger to world peace and our sovereignty is US imperialism. Modi said yesterday that we have to improve our armed forces. Already the expenditure on armament is so high. I want to raise the question whether this is the way we can defend our country? Like Comrade Prakash said, India is being integrated in the world imperialist alliance. People are being crushed. All these including increasing defence expenditure is actually weakening us as a people and our country. We have to resolutely oppose US imperialism in our country and region and also demand that the government stops its dealings with the US.

M Hasnain (Kaumi Party of India): one word has been repeated many times. It is so important that we do not refute it. Truth is so cruel. It is realised by only those people who have decided to speak out the truth. I do not claim to be most truthful but I have done it many times. I was imprisoned 4 times. The last time I was released from the prison, I was warned by the police that ”Be careful, the next time you will not come out alive”. I told him they have such a good record that they have killed Kauser Bi and so many other innocent people. I agree that Kashmir accession was illegitimate. It is true that Hyderabad was integrated by “police action”. Anyone who speaks this truth is being labelled seditious. We are talking in this forum that imperialism is sitting in Washington. We have imperialism in our own countries; our own imperialism to corner the Muslims by using terrorism. If we are not able to see this then this forum is not useful. What is the proof that Osama was a terrorist?

I promise in this in front of over 100 people who are present here that we will not bow our heads in front of the rulers. Did not India side with Israel in 1973 war? So, it is not new that our government is supporting the Palestinian people now. What does Modi see in Iraq? He is also a terrorist like the US president. They are collaborating. They wanted to make Kashmir part of India not even to acquire the land but to own the fair Kashmiri women. Why did Indian forces go to Jaffna so that Ram Rajya dream can be re-lived.

Who is adivasi? Who is Muslim? They are shudras. They have to be suppressed. I am with you on this issue.
Ghulami is ghulami, whether it is by an outsider or insider. Biggest threat to peace today is America. We got our independence in the midst of partition. Our strength is in our diversity. Notwithstanding all our differences, we all accept Hindustan is our country. All of us have equal right to make decisions. Parliament makes decisions in the interest of imperialists and not in the interest of the people. Despite our ideological differences, we have to unite on this issue and only then can we protect our country. US is past master at dividing various countries. It can even divide two friends sitting side-by side by pitting them against each other.

Bipin: Comrades, racism, is used again and again to murder people, everywhere including here In India. They have set up terrorist groups within other countries as well, like in UK. Muslim names are immediately mentioned in connection with terrorism. This is done deliberately and with planning to malign people on the basis of religion. The Indian state from the time of the British divided the people. The same is done also through census. They embed this hatred and make us fight each other. Palestine, Afghanistan, everywhere they do this act of dividing. They are preparing for 3rd World War. State is responsible for systematically organised violence against Muslims, Intelligence Bureau is involved through and through. Also in Godhra event we saw how it happened and who was responsible. We have to understand what they are plotting and trying to do. We should not forget is that this constitution, is a colonial heritage and imposes values from Europe. Racism and terrorism are two sides of the same coin. It is a big fight, we should face up to it.

Umesh Kr Mishra: Spreading public awareness is important; we need to educate people around us and our families in the right direction. Cong and BJP are the same, and because they got discredited AAP was being propped up. We should be able to unite and fight against imperialism.

O P Sinha (All India workers council): Imperialism is a thought that does not recognise diversity. Human society has diversity that should be respected. We have to form a force to fight those forces that divide people. Our lives get viewed from the angle of profits and markets. New Society needs to counter these thoughts. We need weapons to fight these imperialists. The propaganda they use is strong, the internet is a media that they use effectively. Information is our weapon. With monopoly over media imperialist force wage false wars. We need to expose this and make people aware and alert.
Capital and market should be abolished. Difference of thoughts, opinion should be recognised and we must work together. We have to fight against the feeling of hatred that is being propagated by these forces.

We have to fight these big forces. We need to have such deliberation. We need to have programmes that will bring together the common man in our fight against imperialism.

P. Anand: Many thoughts have been expressed here. I place before you two points.

Modi in his independence day’s speech must have made people feel that change is imminent and illusions might have been created. But if our foreign, economic policy and all of our government policies are under the influence of Americans then this is not the freedom we seek. Independence is false; this government, like governments before is false. This is not true freedom.

We save our hard earned money and give to government so that it is used for benefit of society; but our hard earned money that fills the government coffers is used to buy weapons. From this money, they buy from Israel. The profit earned is used by the government for selling and modernising these weapons. Profits are increasing and victims are innocent civilians and children.

Palestine’s children should not be victim of our weapons, we should seek a ban on weapons. We should have declaration against Israeli attack on Palestine. We should not accept a government that does not respect this sentiment.
He then recited a poem dedicated to the children of Palestine…We are witness

Kuldeep, from Haryana: Promise of Ache Din is getting exposed. We keep importing and exporting but for whose benefit. The fertilizers that were imported just ruined all of our land. They cannot rule us by using weapons. We should warn them against entering India and ruining our lives even further.

Anand: LRS has organised this meeting at an appropriate time. We have not learnt from History. Earlier through trading our country was colonised, but even after 200 years we are still repeating the same story. Today imperialism is pumping money through FDI. By increasing FDI limit we are threatening sovereignty of our country. Education system is enslaving us. I would like to suggest that we should also have discussion on FDI in colleges.

Hansraj Sharma, from Rajsthan: Common person should understand who is exploiting us. We have to make people alert and active. We have to win their confidence and expose this system. We have to explain this exploitative system to everyone. It is not an easy task. I come from a family that fought for freedom, today we have resources and that is our people; we have to strengthen LRS. There are many people waiting to be shown the path to progress.
Following this the Declaration was read [Click here]

Devinder: All I wanted to say is there in the press release, the declaration which has been read. Imperialism, terrorism, economic monopoly of America. American currency is never in a crunch. Other countries work on foreign gold reserves. During time of financial crisis, they use both the ploys of terrorism and diseases. They sell medicines at higher rate. Bottled water-money goes to America. Just by talking about them is not enough. Do we have the guts to boycott their goods? Look how they are responsible for everything, Ebola, Iraq crisis, Palestine crisis. Freedom means we have a right to express ourselves. Others supported our freedom struggle, people across world supported us. Why can’t we stand with people of Palestine? The Indian government does not have the courage to stand against America’s might. Instead the government uses ISI, RAW, RSS, etc, to create rift among the people. All religion talk of Humanity. All the “communal riots”, were created by the state (RAW). Terrorism is being spread through agents of state. CIA, ISI—are all connected.

Red fort shoot out clearly showed that one of the accused was associated with a RAW agent.

Indian community can lead the world. Majority of Indian care for humanity. This government has only 37% vote and really does not represent us. We are peace loving Indians. Under the leadership of LRS let us form a front to fight American Imperialism.

Ram Kishan of Nagrik parishad: Internal policies of our government promote close links with western imperialists. Without understanding this we cannot fight and understand the character of these forces, this will weaken our struggle.

American imperialism- is not just military might, it is also in its use of technology, it is in its dollar. The think tank it has created, funding by corporates, the web and internet all contribute and build it up to such a pitch. Information sources is under its control. This media is used to right the wrong and propagate the story of their so called democracy.
Our thoughts and exposure get influenced by these American forces. Facebook, internet—they draw information from these and rule over us.

The last government made the Tehri dam over the Ganges. It was the plan of the British. Nehru, Indira were not able to implement. Atal Bihari made this dam and gave the project to JP associates. They polluted and exploited the Ganga and now they talk of cleaning it!

It is spreading false notion through clever use of words. Railways, roads etc are all getting privatised. Parliament should discuss this. Planning commission will be abolished is the talk that is going on. All issues should be discussed in the parliament.

Whichever government comes to power, the goal is the same, direction is same, it is no change. Today, it is just making the way for foreign corporates clearer. Congress is claiming the BJP government is following our policy. All this means is that it is the same agenda that is being followed, so what is the change that they had promised?

When LRS said people should decide their matters, this is the call for real freedom.
Centralisation of power and decision making should be revised. There is corporate rule today. When Modi says Planning Commission will be abolished/dismantled what it clearly indicates is that now the plans will be made in the boardrooms of corporates.

We need to talk to intellectuals, people from different walk of life and lead a front to remove these regressive forces ruling our nation in the name of people. On the one hand they talk of progress and on other hand make contract labour easy then whose interest is at the centre? Skilled labour is exported and used to profit corporates. We have to expose the real enemy and bring in real freedom

Afsan: Today’s presentation made me realise that not just our country but there are many others which are not free in the real sense. We need to use methods that will work against our target, so we have to fight for our rights and not be begging for it. We will all work with the people and take the movement forward!

Shivani: Why do countries exploit other countries and their peoples? Because, it has ambition to be a superpower. Asia is rich in natural resources. India-china should form its own front and fight the American might. What should be our relation with the US? What we should be doing? US wants to loot the poor. We have so much population. Most of the population lives in Asia. Why do not we organise ourselves so that we protect ourselves? If we are united no one will dare to interfere in our affairs. There should be solidarity in the region to wage war against American forces. We have to go beyond discussions. Our government should be made to implement what we are discussing. We should sort out problems among ourselves and in the neighbourhood without involving the US. Our government should implement these.

Sourabh Jain-congratulated LRS for organsing the meeting and wanted to know what would be the way forward?

Guruji Hanuman Prasad, Vice President – Lok Raj Sangathan- concluding the meeting said: What is imperialism, why it was born, what is its character?

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah,Sarve santu nir-aamayaah. Sarve bhadraanni pashyantu, Maa kashchid-duhkha-bhaag-bhavet. This is part of our philosophy, that Everybody should be happy. That which makes everybody healthy and happy. Let no one be unhappy. There cannot be a better communism than this.

However, there are two types of people in the world. Those who believe in the above and those who want to corner all wealth and create crisis in society. It is the latter tendency which gives rise to imperialism of Alexander or Imperialism of British Empire.

People of India, whether were Hindus or Muslims, Bhojpuris or sanyasis, came together to drive out British imperialism. When the British Crown took over the Company Raj in India, they realised that if they have to rule over India, then they have to divide the people – their infamous doctrine of “divide and rule”. They started by organising the armed forces along religious and caste lines. They had Sikh regiment, Gorkha regiment, Rajput regiment, Jat regiment and so on, and imposed many ways to divide the people.

Revolutionary forces emerged against British. It was at this time that Gandhi was promoted as the Mahatma to divert attention from these forces. However, Gandhi’s line of non-violence was not able to contain the youth and more and more youth wanted the British colonialists to be thrown out of India. They started giving the right to vote and get elected to a small section of Indians. So imperialism tried to create the illusion that Indians could govern within the British administration to quell the outburst of revolutionary wave sweeping India. The revolutionary ebullience refused to be quelled and Gandhi had to give the slogan of “self rule” and “karo ya maro.” The British finally left but they transferred the sovereignty into the hands of the Indian bourgeoisie who had collaborated with the British. The Constitution that was adopted said all sort of nice things but it ensured that political power was highly centralised in ruling party high commands and people remained marginalized and divided so that the will of the ruling class could prevail. The colonisers cleverly extinguished youth anger against them by dividing people and misguiding them by promoting leaders that were serving their interest.

It is for this reason that governments that are formed one after another all continue the policy that keeps people exploited and disempowered. We should not be fooled. You know even a donkey when it is born it looks very cute and beautiful! But then when it grows up the true colours are shown! This is the same with every government that gets newly elected.

Let us not forget and always keep this at the centre that we have to openly fight the American imperialists. We have to come together, listen to each other and fight together.

Imperialism does not have a country…common people have country have a culture and care for its nation.

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