untitled.jpgLRS expresses its deep condolences at the sad demise of Prof U R Ananthamurthy in Bangalore on Aug 22, 2014. He will be missed by all those in India who are fighting against injustice and in defence of Democratic Rights and Human Rights.

Prof Ananthamurthy was not only a noted writer, educationist and social commentator but also a strong supporter of many progressive and democratic movements for people’s empowerment. He constantly upheld the right to conscience of ordinary people and condemned all communal and undemocratic forces that suppressed dissent and disrupted social harmony. He celebrated diversity in his writings and actions.

When Indian polity was shocked by the dastardly communal and sectarian violence unleashed in India in 1992-93 in the name of Ayodhya agitation, Prof Ananthamurthy condemned it strongly and participated in efforts to snatch the polity from the jaws of the menace of criminalization.

untitled.jpgWhen the Committee for People’s Empowerment issued an appeal in Jan-February 1993 for all democrats and intellectuals and people of India to rise up and build a non-partisan movement for the empowerment of people and the banning of the criminal politics of Congress and BJP, Prof Ananthamurthy was one of the first to come forward and sign the appeal.

The appeal later matured into a more sustainable organizational effort at building the Movement for Peoples Empowerment through Lok Raj Sangathan. Prof Ananthamurthy appreciated this effort and remained a friend and well-wisher of LRS.

Despite his failing health in the last few years of his life, Prof Ananthamurthy displayed surprising energy in participating in and supporting all progressive and democratic movements in India and particularly the movement for people’s empowerment.

We salute his inquiring, rebellious and humanist spirit.

Lok Raj Sangathan

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